Thursday, March 19, 2020

Happy Spring! Vintage and New Easter Decor

How are you doing? 
I didn't do a Keep In Touch this week. I'll be back next week for sure.
I'm sorry about that. I'm the worst at this blog party thing.  
I wanted to show you some of the Easter decor that I've done so far.  

Since we got the corner cupboard last September, I've loved putting a bit of seasonal and holiday decor on each of the four shelves. 

I think these vintage looking bunnies are Raz Imports but I could be mistaken about that. I got them at Tuesday Morning. I've had them for a while. 

I mixed in some antique glass baskets. 

A Beatrix Potter figurine was a gift from my sister in law and brother. 

An antique candy dish and candy container mimic the glass baskets. 

The holiday cupboard in the foyer got some sisal rabbits on the top. 

A few other rabbits dot the shelves with green glass and green transferware. 

Here are a few other vignettes to entertain you. 

A few fun other rabbits are frolicking around. 

We have some birds too adorning our surfaces. 

You might enjoy making some nests since we can't get to the store. Check out this post. 
What a perfect time to forage for natural elements. 

Stay well, my friends. 
Bill in not so many words told me to get my bootie off of the couch and make people laugh. 
I woke up with a new attitude and new determination to blog and provide a distraction for people. 
Look for a DIY face mask tutorial soon. ;) 

Have a great day. 


  1. Your corner cupboard all done up for Spring and with that gorgeous china, plus little detains here and there, it is just perfect.
    Love it !
    Stay safe.

  2. that corner cupboard is just so gorgeous, I love all the little bunnies hopping around the beautiful china. Everything looks so festive and Spring-y. I can't wait to see your diy face mask. haha!!! Can you mass produce them and sell them over the internet? hope the sock was clean. Bill is right, you know how to keep everyone entertained!

  3. Love it all Katie. Your bunnies are so cute. LOL on the mask!!!

  4. Aren't bunnies adorable? I love each and every one of yours! So pretty with the transferware, too. That china is so full of springtime joy!

    Good move with the mask!

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