Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Topsy Turvy Succulent Tower/The Pinterest Challenge

Good morning!

Welcome to the Pinterest Challenge. A blogging event where the wonderful Cindy of County Road 407 picks out an image from Pinterest and fellow bloggers interpret that photo in our own style.

It's always so much fun.
If you are coming from Carol's at Art and Sand I hope you enjoyed her gorgeous planter.

Our inspiration this month is this darling Topsy Turvy display created by Cottage At The Crossroads
This is just so cute, fresh and fun. 

 The element that stuck out to me was the topsy turvy factor. 

I'm going to be honest with you. 
I've never topsy turvyed before. 
You would think I would have eagerly hopped on this band wagon in the past but I have not until now. 

All my favorite places are closed except Callaway's. 
I was there shopping for my victory garden and I had the Pinterest Challenge on my mind. 
When I spied some miniature flower pots, any thoughts of full sized flower pots left my mind. 
I had miniatures on the brain after all the cottages that I made. 

I bought three mini pots in 1.5 to 3 inches in size. They started at $99 cents and went up to $1.49. 
Not all mini pots are created equal. They have to have the hole in the bottom. 

Bill had the perfect metal rod to thread through the pots. 
He caught me in the garage trying to trim it with a tin snip. 
"Wrong!" said Bill abruptly. 
He promptly got me the correct tool. 
I asked him if he talked to his people at work like that. Somehow I doubt it.  
It's nice to have him working from home but he sure sees what I'm up to during the day. 
There is no more hiding the nap in the afternoon nor which tools I've borrowed. 

I assembled my supplies and then added one more pot. I decided to fill my pots with faux succulents. 
At this point, I got so excited that I forgot to take anymore photos of the process. 
I filled the largest pot with floral foam. I then threaded the rod down into the foam and covered the top with moss. The second largest pot was threaded onto the rod and pushed to the side to create the first zig of the zig zag. 
Sprigs of maiden hair fern were arranged in the largest pot on the opposite side of the second pot. 
More foam and moss was glued into the second pot before the third pot was added and tilted to the opposite side. A succulent was glued on and process continued. 
The second to smallest pot got these darling hen and chick type succulents. 
I can't grow real succulents but I hear that they fall and root prolifically. 
I glued a couple next to the fern like they fell naturally. 
The last little pot was added and tilted to the side. This time I glued the rod in place to hold the whole thing together. 

Hobby Lobby had these darling metal insects one year. 
Normally they hang out in the green house but they add a "naturalist" feel to the display. 

Pages from my favorite butterfly book are clipped to the ribbon. 

This was so much fun. 

Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Hi Katie! Way to go on the topsy turvy! Yes, our daily habits are out there for spouses and/or kids to see! ha! Cheers Katie! laura

  2. Your topsy turvy clay pots are adorable - what a fun take on the inspiration photo.

    And your styling of the arrangement is so fun. I like all the elements you included in the vignette.

  3. This is loads of fun and very clever! What a fun idea.

  4. I am a sucker for miniature anything Katie so I really LOVE your interpretation. SO cute. I also had to pop over and see your darling cottages. I think the farm is my favorite. :)

  5. I burst out laughing when I read "wrong"! And I remember the day the Mister started working from home on a regular basis (a few years ago). I thought to myself - oh boy, no more hanging things (a.k.a. adding more holes in the walls) without him staring over my shoulder. Anyway, I love how your topsy turvied! It's so cute and I hope you enjoy it for a super long time. I would. Thanks so much for joining in each month. So fun. Pinned!

  6. Katie I love how you took the challenge and put your spin on it. I love the clay pots and the succulents. Very pretty!

  7. I love your stack of pots! Years ago, we built a tall topsy-turvy planter like this for our back deck. I loved it so much, but we had to leave it behind when we moved across the country. Your version inspired me to make a small stack with what I had on hand. All the faux succulents I've been hoarding really came in handy. Thanks for sharing your project.

  8. Very sweet interpretation of this month's Pinterest Challenge. Love it, Katie!!! I thought about making some kind of fairy garden myself but tossed the idea out since I can't find the mini furniture I have... somewhere, lol! The faux succulents look so real and the nice thing is they will live. :)

    Enjoy your pretty topsy-turvy vignette, and the flower prints are pretty too,
    Barb :)

  9. I absolutely love this mini version, Katie! I totally want to do it! They could honestly be centerpieces for a party or a wedding. Brilliant idea, and good tip to check for the hole in the bottom of the pot! Pinned!

  10. This looks awesome!! What a great rendition of the original pin!
    Pamela | DIY Vibes

  11. Love the topsy turvy. Great job on the pinterest challenge.
    Happy New Week.

  12. Katie, I always forget how much I love succulents in natural terra cotta pots! You did a LOVELY job on your topsy turvy... and such a smart way to create it, too! Pinned!

  13. Katie, you did a perfect job on your topsy-turvy display! It looks beautiful. Your comment about your husband being home is so relatable, too! LOL!

  14. Cutest topsy turvy display ever! Love the idea of using it indoors with succulents real or faux. Love it Katie!

  15. Katie

    You did a great job with this challenge.


  16. This is such a wonderful project, Katie! I love how you were inspired and now you've inspired me, too! Thanks! Pinned!

  17. Katie, Too funny about your hubby. I love this idea with it being with faux plants. I could so see this adorable look by my kitchen sink for summer!