Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Crown Molding In The Kitchen And Other Changes

Bill and I are trying to make good use of the extra time at home by finishing the projects we started when we got the new floors last August. He is completely bummed that he is missing the spring fishing season here in Texas. He could go out as per the stay at home order but he is worried the lakes will be unbelievably crowded since there is not much else to do. I'm fine with that. We just had an alligator sighting at the lake closest to us anyway.

He is working from home during the week. Our weekends have been busy with "honey dos".

The detail of the crown molding in the living and dining rooms is so gorgeous that we wanted to install it in the kitchen too. We did the molding in those rooms back in March.

Bill was able to get two walls done in the kitchen on Saturday. While he was cutting and nailing, I was caulking. 
The biggest hurdle was the faux vent hood box. We both love it and didn't want to lose it. It breaks up the line of open space above the cabinets. It's a look that was very 1990s.
The box already had crown molding but it didn't match the new molding so he removed it before starting on that wall. 

He had one more wall to complete on Sunday. 
While he did that, I finished caulking and re-painted it. I had pre-painted it but I used the wrong color.
It didn't really matter because I can see that the paint has yellowed a bit on the vent hood and cabinets. I guess I'll tackle that at some point. Oil based paint is a pain in the neck.

The crown molding looks so pretty in our kitchen. There is something about it that brings dimension and definition to a space. 

There were a lot of angles to cut in this room which is why it's good we saved it for last.

I love the corner over the sink.

A Waterford vase with blue plumbago rests on the window sill. The vase was a birthday gift card purchase last year.

You may remember that I made some cafe´curtains a few weeks ago. 
They are made out of a very light semi-sheer batiste type of fabric. 
They have darling embroidery and other cutwork detail.

I am so in love with them but I wasn't loving the black and white check valances with them.
I had some ticking fabric left over from a slipcover so I sewed up some valances. 
I've loved ticking for many years. It is blue and white but it reads gray. 
It's a perfect neutral that differs in feel from other whites, off whites and creams.

The pie safe got ticking curtains earlier this year.

My copper accents are still giving me all the French farmhouse feels.

I'd planned to spend the summer volunteering in a French Chateau, but that plan is off due to Covid-19. Of course, Bill had no knowledge of the plan and I was still working so...
 I would love to do that, someday. I'd teach them how to make Chicken Fried Steak.
Everyone in the world needs to experience that once in their life. 
I'd also make homemade tortillas for them but Bill pointed out that they are close to Spain so they may already know how to make those themselves. 

I put away my early spring dishes and filled the niches with white ironstone except for a few cornflower blue accents. 
This type of blue transferware is sometimes called pearlware depending on the glaze.
I had no idea.

The niches finally got side boards that fit properly. 
When I created the niches out of two closed cabinets, they were oak with paper type sides.

The only fake oak that I could find was from book cases from Big Lots but the boards never fit snuggly into the cabinets.  There was a small gap at the front of each board. No one could really see the gaps but they would get bumped occasionally.

Those side pieces got painted when we painted the cabinets 2012. It finally dawned on me the other day that we could cut proper wood to fit. Bill cut them last week and I caulked and painted them this weekend.
They won't budge anymore.

I adore having these open shelves to show off dishes. 
The niches are filled with pieces from my pitcher collection.

When I added a new pitcher last week in the dining room, it prompted me to count the pitchers currently on display in the living, dining, entry, kitchen, powder bath, and laundry. I counted 43 pitchers. I decided to group some of the white ones in the kitchen so that visitors, (should we ever have them again) don't think I'm a hoarder.
A deep dive into my blog might let them know otherwise.

I am loving this periwinkle shade of blue these days.
It will be a wonderful cool tone for summer.

It's a tad lighter than cobalt.

We love this DIY.
That is about it for me.
How are you?

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  1. Your crown molding is so pretty and really is the finishing touch. Love the paint color and all your sweet touches of pale blue. The small sliver of wall with your copper pieces is perfect for a warm Frenchy feel!

  2. It all looks so beautiful. All the details scream vintage cottage!

  3. I love your kitchen and now with the crown molding it is really pretty. Great job. Love the beautiful look. Have a great rest of the week.

  4. Katie,
    You have transformed your home with a whole lot of love and elbow grease.
    I agree with Amber (above comment) your home is so beautiful and it does scream vintage cottage. Gorgeous details and such thoughtful accents too.
    Happy Mother's Day weekend,

  5. Love the changes for summer -I made the chicken fried steak and biscuit meal for our anniversary dinner last night - takeout did not appeal to us and we are not going out yet. I might have a little hoarding issue with cake stands myself!!!

  6. Well done, Katie~! The molding looks terrific and I love your bright and cheerful, airy kitchen. The cupboards are a wonderful and interesting change. I really like the open shelves but still having closed doors. It's like a lovely cottage and all the more special because you've put so much of yourselves into it.