Friday, May 8, 2020

Five Uses For Ticking Striped Fabric

When I was a young teen, my sister and I embarked on a cross country road to trip with my step aunt.

It was a wonderful journey and we had the best time. We drove from New York to Wyoming. 
We spent the night in hotels and ate out every single meal. It was tons of fun. 
 I discovered a couple of things that have stuck with me to this day. 

The first time I'd ever had sour cream on a baked potato was on this trip. I've loved it ever since. 
We were disturbed in the middle of the night by bears outside our hotel window. I'd never been scared by a bear before. 
I think I had Ranch dressing for the first time on that trip too. I go in fits and starts with Ranch Dressing though. 

The best thing about the trip was the feather pillow that I adopted. It was in the back seat of my aunt's Camaro.  I started using it for car naps in her cool car. At the end of the trip, my aunt gave me that pillow. It was covered in vintage ticking. I've been a fan of ticking since that time. 
It became thread bare and eventually I had to recover it. Feathers flew all over the yard. Try moving pillow feathers from one covering to another. It's a lesson in futility! It also looks like it's snowing.

I adore ticking! 
I want to share with your my five favorite uses for ticking striped fabric. 

I made some placemats out of ticking about four years ago. These placemats have been the foundation for some darling tablescapes.

Not bed pillows but decorative pillows. I love them thrown on the couch to ground the corners.
They are a Farmhouse Style staple and they go with any pillows that I pair them with.

Ticking comes in red too.

This is a recent love.  
I've made two valances for the kitchen windows and one for the laundry room. 
They have such a Farmhouse feel but not just American Farmhouse. I think they also go with European Farmhouse Style.

Cupboard Curtain: 
One of my favorite uses for ticking are the curtains for the doors of the pie safe.


China and recipe books are hidden behind the doors.

Last year the ticking was red. This year it is blue. I love the ticking behind the rabbit wire. It almost looks like a checked pattern. It is a great way to add a little more fabric to a space.

This is my favorite new use for pillow ticking. 
The slipcover for the curved back World Market chair is so darling. It has a fun cottage feel but the lines are clean and crisp.

I get my ticking at Hobby Lobby. It has a nice heavy weight that closely mimics antique ticking. 
Look for it in red, black, tan, aqua and green. 
Some of the colored ticking isn't as heavy a weave as true pillow ticking. This faux ticking is not really a tight enough weave to keep in pillow feathers.
Make sure you pre-wash the fabric before using. I learned this the hard way.
There you go. Five fun used for pillow ticking fabric.

Have a wonderful day.
What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. oh I love all your wonderful ticking projects; it goes with everything!!

  2. Love all of this Katie. I am so in awe that you can sew and make your own slipcovers. Have a great weekend. Happy Mother's Day.

  3. Great ideas for ticking, Katie! I’ve made things with the red ticking from Hobby Lobby.

  4. I have two pillows in blue ticking on my couch right now, mixed in with a blue Waverly floral print and a couple of other fabrics. In fact, your pillow grouping on the couch (with the red geraniums) is nearly an exact match to the pillow grouping on my TV couch; pillow ticking, the red floral print (which makes me swoon) and I added a red & cream window pane Waverly pattern called Pantry Plaid. I love all of your uses and creativity; you've given me some ideas. I sewed a 4th of July banner and included the blue pillow ticking. I will be sewing some Christmas pillows that use the red ticking! Thank you for brightening my day with this post!! (I'm visiting from Follow the Yellow Brick Home link party!)