Friday, May 29, 2020

Late Spring Greenhouse

Hi Friends! 
How are you? It's been a busy week. 
We started the shed clean out and paint job last weekend. 
Bill will make his shelves for it tomorrow. 

We got a new hot water heater the other day. 
I was a bit embarrassed by my hoard near the hot water closet so my seasonal decor got a huge consolidation and purge.   
The thrift store is open so we were able to drop that off this morning. 
There were some things in the garage that really belonged in the greenhouse, so my little greenhouse got a good cleaning and decorating session. 

I hung some inside art on the wall and I love it. 

The urn has a faux plant because it's about to get too hot in here for a real plant. 
I found a shard of an old pot in the front yard. I thought it added a fun textural element. 

I love, love these cubbies. I found them at the produce stand when they were allowed to sell barn finds. 

I found the beginnings of eight nests in here last summer. 
This is not a wren condo!  
The wasps seemed to like it too but I evicted them as well. 

A broken and glued platter from my mom coordinates with a blue and white porcelain pot. 

A clearance moss bunny from Hobby Lobby is a cute addition. 
 Who wants to wait until Easter to show him off. 

My vintage child's watering can is a favorite. 

This functions as a little garden shed for me. I do over winter some plants in here but I've not tried seeding anything in early spring. I plan to start my basil early next year. It's taking forever to reach a good size. 

I will style the he shed and snap some photos of it as soon as it's done. 
 It'll be fun to style this as a she shed temporarily but it will have to revert back to a guy space. 
I've seen so many cute images of girly sheds on Pinterest not to try to cutify it while it's fresh and clean. 
Look for that post soon.  
So far I love the new location of the garden tools. 

I'm not afraid to enter anymore. 
That's all for now. A quick post to start the weekend. 

Have a good one. 
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  1. I love your greenhouse, Katie. My daughter and I want to build one and we have the space at this house. There have been a number of projects that have taken precedence, though, since I moved here. You have inspired me!!

  2. Your garden shed is so cute and all organized and functional. The shed looks really great too. Have a good weekend.