Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Keep In Touch #113

Last week I shared my greenhouse cleaned up and decorated for late spring. 
It was used a lot over the last two months so it needed a good cleaning. 

It was a lot of fun to style. 

The shed is almost finished. We are waiting on some skylight/vents. Bill will install those as soon as they arrive. Bill also wants to hang a light fixture. I accidentally knocked it over so I'm not sure it will still work. I may have broken the bulb. 

He made this shelving unit on Saturday. 

I painted it on Sunday. It's on wheels so we can move it if necessary. 

I've started pulling some fun she/heshed accessories for a photo shoot. I've stopped to get some inspiration now and then. 
I enter it almost daily and it's not scary. I'm thrilled. 
Our debris pile behind the fence was out of control. I started working on that on Saturday morning. 
There were weeds, dead limbs and a dead tree that needed to be cut down. 
There is a ton of greenbriar. 

Nothing seemed to want to decompose since the pile was so huge. Tree limbs were preventing smaller items from touching the ground so that they could not decompose. 
We now have a bigger pile further away from the house because of the dead trees and greenbriar. I wish we could just have a burn pile but it's already too hot for a fire in the fire pit. 
The sticks and logs will have to wait until winter unless we rent a chipper. 
Bill talked about that today. We will see. There is a gorgeous tree about 20 yards down the hill but it is completely encased in greenbriar. 
The trees closest to us have been freed-almost! Horrible stuff. My legs are all scratched up. 
Bill let me use the chain saw which was fun.

My goal is to spread out the leaves and maybe have a compost bin. I have found some resilient plants growing out there - monkey grass, oxalis, potatoes, nandina and pumpkins to name a few. I really want this to be a woodland area. I hope that there will be violets growing next spring since more sunlight is getting through. I've seen Queen Annes Lace along the roadways.
Maybe there will be some out there next summer. 
I saw a huge bird fly out the newly cleared area. So cool. 
Grapevine came down with the greenbriar. 
I saved that out of the pile and made some wreaths. 

 The area was my broken flower pot grave yard. I found this sweet angel this morning. It lifted my spirits. 

That is what is going on around here. 
Now for the features. 

Ann of Apple Street Cottage shares items some friends gifted to her. A welcome treasure since yard sale season is canceled for the time being. How fun. 

The green on those chairs is wonderful. 

I love this wedding from Alda's Magnolia Hill. It is inspiring that brides and grooms aren't letting pandemics get in the way of their marriage. 
Beautiful photos. 

This solar light tip from Debbie Dabble is genius. Her porch is very festive too.

The porch is lovely too. 
Link away, my sweet friends.
Have a wonderful week.


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  1. wow Katie, you've really been busy this last week. I'm loving the greenhouse and can't wait to see more of the shed before all the necessary stuff goes back in. So glad it's not a scary place anymore. I'm always afraid of snakes in a shed that's not used much. thanks for the party, have a great rest of the week!

  2. I love the shed, Katie and I can't wait to see how you decorate those grapevine wreaths! Thank you so much for the feature, I think I have enough to keep me busy for a while.

  3. I love your greenhouse, Katie, and I'm looking forward to more of the shed! You and Bill work well together. That's so neat that you made your own grapevine wreaths. Thank you for hosting and may you have a wonderful week.

  4. Hi Katie
    I am looking at your shed very carefully as I have one very similar. I too have been thinking of putting some sort of skylight or windows in and also painting it inside. I would like to use it for storage in the winter and a change house in the summer when guests stop by for a swim. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. You have certainly tackled a lot this week! I think it would be wonderful to have a greenhouse. Although we have the room for it, the homeowners' association doesn't allow structures like that. Sigh...

  6. What a wonderful greenhouse to have and enjoy, Katie! I'd love to have one as it is probably the only way I could keep the deer and rabbits from eating all my vegetables. At least thye'd get a head start in a green house.

  7. Well Miss Katie, you just made my day. Thank you for the link showing our Front Porch Wedding...I have followed you for years and feel we have much in common from loving our Tractor Supply store to using vintage fruit...ha! You are so sweet and I appreciate your kind words. HUGS!

  8. Fun to see all the ideas presented here.

  9. Beautiful features! Thanks for hosting!

  10. Thanks, Katie, for hosting. I am loving your pretty little getaway. What fun and I'm glad it is no longer scary..Take care and stay well..xxoJudy