Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The 2020 Deck/The PInterest Challenge

Welcome to the Pinterest Challenge for the month of May. I love Pinterest Challenge day and I hope that you do too.

I want to give Cindy from County Road 407 a big thank you for hosting each month. 
She is such a wonderful hostess and has the cutest houses.
If you are coming from Thistle Key Lane, welcome. Don't you love Michelle's blue and white decor?

Our inspiration this month comes from Bria Hammel Interiors. 
She shows off her front porch  for the summer of 2018. 
Oh, 2018, those were the days weren't they?

Key elements to this look include:
Comfortable Seating
Plants Galore
A View

I got out onto the deck and cleaned off all of our seating. The loveseat and coffee table were new last year. The other low slung chairs were $5.00 garage sale finds many years ago. They are still our favorite chairs. We just replace the cushions as needed.

We switched to a black and green color scheme last summer and I love it.   
Inside pillows come out on pretty days. The deck is covered so I don't worry about fading.
We got the Sojag cover last year from Costco. It's been a fabulous addition.

We have a rug which anchors the seating.
 This rug from Lowe's has held up over the course of the last year.
I'm surprised since we left it out over the winter but I'm very pleased about it.

Our deck is loaded with plants. I tried to utilize every inch of sun and every available pot and container. 

The garden has been such a respite for me during our SIP order.
I felt a measure of control by growing some tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce as well as flowering plants. I didn't have any control but I felt better. Ha!
Our yard is heavily shaded. The only really sunny spot is on the deck. We used one of our large stock tanks as a planter for the tomatoes. The lettuce has been cut back. The tomatoes are going crazy.
I just love how it looks.

One of the best things about our backyard is the view.
Our house backs up to undeveloped park land.

We have lush green woodland instead of houses behind us.
You would never know we are smack dab in the middle of suburbia.

The shed is getting a makeover this weekend.
I'm so excited about it. It's not going to be a "she shed". It's going to be a "she's not scared to go into it shed".

That is all for now.

I hope it's deck weather where you are.
Stop by and see Cindy with Cloches and Lavender. You will love her gorgeous deck.
Be sure to visit my other friends on the tour.

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  1. All of your plants are beautiful! I love the new name of your shed. I'm terrified to go in mine, too!

  2. HAHAH love the not she shed. Your deck is absolutely fabulous!

  3. Your deck looks so inviting and having the cover over it makes it look like an outdoor room. You've made this space look so nice and I hope that you enjoy a summer of relaxing out there.

  4. Hi Katie, I love the rug! And all the flowers. Those are my takeaways for this month's challenge! I need a rug to anchor my space! And tomatoes! Cheers from Colorado! laura

  5. Katie, Your deck looks so beautiful. I love how your area isn't on top of another home you have a beautiful view of the woods. Very pretty and enjoyable space. Happy relaxing on your deck this season.

  6. Your deck looks like the perfect summer hangout

  7. I can see why this was your respite these last couple of months. Your backyard is truly beautiful and seems like an entirely different world! Y'all have made quite the sanctuary for yourselves. How long has it taken you to do all of that? Thank you so much for joining in. Love it all! Pinned

  8. What a wonderful covered deck area, this looks so cool and inviting. I think I would be there most of the time.

  9. I love how you planted up that big water trough, Katie! I've been missing a veggie garden, but don't want to plant into the ground; too much upkeep. That's a great alternative! Beautiful patio with an amazing view; what a retreat!

  10. Love all your container plants and those chairs... I can see why you love them! So nice to have a large space to add so much loveliness!

  11. I love how this looks, Katie! I want to take a book and be in there all afternoon! Does your Sojag cover screw into your deck? I've been eyeing these the past few years but never know if the wind would damage it.

  12. Your patio is the perfect "put up your feet and take a snooze" spot. so cozy and relaxing. I love how you've used the galvanized tubs for garden containers!

  13. Just delightful, Katie. Your own private paradise!

  14. It all looks so cute. What a great place to relax and enjoy on cool days.

  15. Talk about a view Katie. Love the view of all your trees and greenery. You have a beautiful outdoor space! Good luck on your shed project and be brave!

  16. Hi Katie,

    Your deck looks so lush and be! I found some great pieces for plants on our deck. Luckily our thrift spot posts on Instagram and had a few pieces posted. A few the same as your galvanized pueces.

    Your shed pops in the background.


  17. Katie, your patio is beautiful!!! I love the shade the patio cover adds and your potted garden is perfect for moving around to find sun or to move underneath for cover when needed. Really a pretty place!

    Enjoy your patio,
    Barb :)

  18. I love the cover you got from Costco, Katie! It makes the perfect outdoor seating area. Your galvanized containers with plants are so charming, too. Loved your comment about the "she shed." Ha!

  19. Your deck is so pretty, Katie! I love the way you mix in the tomatoes with flower pots! Charming!

  20. I had a good giggle from your comment, "she's not scared to go into the shed"!!!! I know what you mean, Katie! Beautiful oasis right on your back porch! I love planting things like tomatoes and tons of flowers and herbs in big containers. It's like raised bed gardening only much more convenient.