Monday, May 25, 2020

The Shed Makeover Begins

I don't know about you but after Friday the 13th, our priorities changed a little. 

In February, Bill and I went shed shopping. He really wanted a new shed that didn't have a gambrel roof. He felt like that type of roof limited the storage capability. 
After March 13th or Hashtag Pandemic, our focus shifted. We were no longer interested in spending money on a new storage building. 
We have a shed. I painted the outside a couple of years ago and it is darling. 
It always looks great in photos. Decorated with Christmas lights, it is adorable. 

Our shed is 8 by 8. It should be sufficient to meet the storage needs for our yard. 
It could have a better designed interior so that it would it will work.
I just needed to convince Bill. 

This shed has a story. 
Some friends were building a pool. They said that we could have this shed if we could get it off of their property. 
Bill spent weeks dismantling it and rebuilding it for our yard. 
It sits on a spot with a limited footprint because of the decking all around it. 
A new shed would have to fit in the same foot print. 
A building with regular sides would help but it would also make the path to the grill a little more closed in. A building with a loft type of area would be too tall for the yard. 
If we got a new one, the added storage would not make up for the amount of work and expense in the upgrade. 

The shed scares both of us. 
I know that the last few years that she sheds have been all the rage. 
I would love one and had planned on getting one if we moved to that house last summer. 
There would have been tons of room in the yard for two of them - one for him and one for me. 
My stuff (crap) already encroaches in his garage.
 I have hidey holes all over this house for cute stuff. 
I have a green house. I have a sunroom. I don't need a she shed. 
I just need a she's not too scared of it shed. 
I was able to convince him to rehab our little building.
Saturday morning we began cleaning it out. 

Here is a before collage of the storage. 

The place has been overrun with tree lizards and dirt daubers. 
The shelves held camping stuff as well as gardening and grilling supplies. 
Bill doesn't tent camp with the boys anymore so we don't need all the shelves. 
The tool crib worked for us for a long time but it was hard getting tools out of it because of the gambrel roof. 
Since this shed scared the living daylights out of me, I'd removed my favorite garden spades but there was the need for a rake or garden cart every now and then.  
 We gutted it. 

I hope to have a pop up shop one day. 
The shed, deck and green house would be a perfect venue to have a little sale featuring beautiful finds. 
I wanted to paint the inside. 

We bought a Wagner Control Series Paint Sprayer 6PSI HVLP and white Royal paint and primer.

It took us about 4 hours to paint the entire shed. 
Bill wondered if I wanted shiplap walls but I said that I liked seeing the exposed rafters and studs. 

He is working on the brackets for the tools today. 

We are going to put the garden tools along the back wall. They will be easy to see and grab. 
The mower and wagon will be tucked to one side. 
He will build shelves for the right side but they will not be as deep as the old shelves.
He may even put them on wheels. 

I know that there will be bleed through with the walls and floor. Those stains were pretty gnarly. 
I'm okay with that. This doesn't have to be perfect. It just needs to be more functional and less scary. 
I know that when I take to time to really think through organization, I keep it much cleaner over the long term. 
I'm so excited to have a building with more function and less creep factor.
We ordered skylights and a light fixture so that it will always be bright. 
I can't wait to show you once it's finished. 
I hope it's been a good weekend. 


  1. Lookin great Katie. I just used a sprayer for my she shed and it worked great. Did you use Flotrol to keep the paint from clogging? It worked like a gem. I shiplapped the back of my she shed with a kit from Home Depot that clicked the wood into place. Easy peasy to do if you change your mind. Looking very nice.

  2. It's looking brighter, cleaner, and less scary lol. Looking forward to seeing the next steps for the makeover.

  3. this will be great Katie. the coat of white interior paint made such a difference. We need a shed over here because we have a ton of garden "stuff" that is now in our garage. main thing is that you'll feel better about storing things there and being organized. Have fun with getting it all put together!

  4. This is quite the project, Katie! I cant wait to see how it shakes out -- it will be fabulous!