Friday, May 15, 2020

The Holiday Cupboard Gets A Makeover

Good Morning!
How are you this fine morning? It's overcast, humid but cooler today than it was yesterday. It's a perfect morning to sit on the deck.

Last week I participated in a blog hop hosted by Cindy of County Road 407. We all featured antique and old books. It was so inspiring that it caused a mini makeover of the dish dresser in the entryway.

 Bill made this piece during the 80s. We called it the dish dresser because he based it on a furniture style that was going through a revival- the Welsh Dresser. It was our main display piece for dishes. Recently on the blog, I renamed it the Holiday Cupboard because it was supposed to house vintage holiday and seasonal decor.
Until recently, it was in the garden room. It was a perfect place to add collections and whimsy. A lot of gardening accoutrements made it onto this piece. It was a natural spot for that since this was the last surface before the entering the garden.

  When we got the new floors, Bill ousted the piano.
Sara's Grandmother's dresser got moved to where the piano resided.

 I needed something for the entry and the cupboard was the right size and scale for the space.

Since then, it has housed the green and white transferware and vintage holiday accessories but it wasn't making sense to me.

 It's no longer a garden, potting type shelf. 
It isn't a china cupboard because it's not in the dining or breakfast rooms. 
 Last May when it was still out in the garden room, it was decorated in a bee theme. 
I tried the bee theme on it this year and it felt off. 

I was inspired by Cindy's blog hop that I cleared it off and went on a hunt for any books that could be used to decorate this piece. 
Soft pink and shabby accessories were added as well. 

A lovely picture of my grandmother as a teen. This is probably around the Pandemic of 1917-18. 
They lived in rural Wisconsin so I don't know how affected they would have been by it.

One of the dogs tried to eat my Texas bird book. It got twine and a piece of lace.

There are still a few china bits because I love pottery so much.

I love the bird cages on top. It still adds that touch of spring.
Bill even walked by and commented that he liked the "book theme."

That is it for now.

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  1. Very pretty Katie. Love the birdcages too. The books are great. Great styling.

  2. Very pretty. I love the shade of green on the books and that little pitcher!

  3. One of the things I've really enjoyed watching news and such are the book cases and I love to peek at the titles. It's like that reading your post -- looking at all the details like your gran's portrait, the books and postcard. Great fun!

  4. This is a perfect look, especially for the entry. The greens and aqua with the neutral is so fresh and spring-y. Love that tiny portrait of your grandmother!

  5. Visiting from Common Ground. Very pretty! Love the green colors, the books--just everything!