Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Vintage Fruit In The Corner Cupboard

I love fruit decor in the summer. Strawberries, cherries, black berries are early summer favorites. Apples and pears are late summer favs. I've decorated with lemons and oranges as well.
I have found some darling vintage fruit collectables over the years. These are plentiful at thrift and antique stores. I guess they are considered "old lady" collections. I'll own that!

These collections are separated and stored in bins in the garage for easy access.
I store lemon stuff with lemons, apple stuff with apples etc. It makes for easy seasonal decorating.
We've reached night time temperatures that indicate summer has arrived in Texas.
 You aren't living until you experience the heat and humidity of Texas. If you have ever flown into and exited DFW airport, you know what I'm talking about. That heat just smacks you in the face as soon as you leave the cool air conditioned terminal. 

It was time to do some summer decorating. I thought about which motif to use.
 I was digging through one of the totes and found an Italian made ceramic fruit basket.

I thought it would be fun to display since we just went to Italy last year. Similar ceramic fruit baskets were plentiful in the Italian souvenir shops but this one came from a thrift store here at home. 
The twinkle and shimmer of some beaded fruit caught my eye.
Should caution be thrown to the wind?
Should all the fruit come out and play together?
Let's go crazy!

I don't know what it is about beaded fruit but I just adore it.
It reminds me of Carmen Miranda and her fruit laden hat. Check her out on YouTube for a kick. 
Beading fruit was a popular hobby for the mid-century crafter. I would have been all over it.

I've made a lemon, a strawberry and even a tiny blackberry.
It was so much fun. You can make your own since a kit may be hard to come by.  Special beading pins are required. They differ slightly from straight pins.

The Italian fruit basket and the beaded fruit took care of two of the shelves. There are four shelves in this corner cupboard and I like each shelf to have a touch of seasonal decor. 
The fabric fruit from my Thanksgiving cornucopia was pulled into action.

This fruit is sold at one of my local boutiques. They told me that it is made by a dentist that lives in McKinney. I adore her craftsmanship.
It looks lovely in a glass bowl from Bill's grandmother Vi. Vi always brought a bizarre salad made with canned French style green beans and sour cream dressing. Bill hated it. I'd like to make it just to show it to you. If you have ever heard of anything like it, please comment below.

A set of mini ceramic fruit was in one of the boxes.
I had the four sets needed for the cupboard but the mini fruit was getting lost on the higher shelf.
I pulled it down and tucked it to the side of the beaded fruit. It looks sweet in a milk glass compote.

A mini pitcher was pulled into action for the last shelf until I remembered some wooden fruit.

 It was found at the thrift store last summer and had been separated out into the various bins which why it was forgotten.

The pitcher and other fruity stuff was placed in the corners.

It was fun collating this collection.
Thrifting withdrawals were quenched with some eBay shopping during our Shelter In Place Order.

This 5 inch pitcher is Fruit Basket Red Multicolor by Mason's.

I think it's so gorgeous.
There you have it. The tea cup holds a vintage Christmas ornament.

You can read about the corner cupboard in this post.

I keep the lights on it during the day.
Turning on the lights is a favorite morning routine.

I'll hit a blogging milestone today or tomorrow.
Thank you all for 8.5 years of loyal readership.
It's hard to fathom sometimes. I'm so thankful I found a group that shares my love for vintage, antiques, collectables and seasonal decorating.
Have a wonderful and blessed day.
If you know anything about that salad let me know.

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  1. I love your fruit collection, Katie! Seeing how beautiful it all looks displayed together, inspires me to gather up my fruit! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your fruit collection is very pretty Katie. I love those vintage corner cabinets in a home. Yours is so pretty. Have a great rest of the week.

  3. Love the fruit theme Katie, it all looks so pretty lit up in your wonderful cupboard! I'm so ready to get out to flea markets and shops, it's been forever. your Mason's pitcher is gorgeous!!