Thursday, June 4, 2020

French And Garden Inspired Baker's Rack

It's not often that Bill comments on changes made around the house but he did on this one. 
What did he think? You will have to wait and see. 

I found this baker's rack out junking. To be honest, I can't remember if it was a thrift store or garage sale but it was only $15.00. We have had it for years. 

"Where is the love?", a song by Roberta Flack was floating through my head as I type this. 
It wasn't living its best life. It got a few hours of direct afternoon sun. All the sun just reflected off of the white and it just wasn't working for me. 

I restyled it. 
I contemplated painting it. I read a post over at Common Ground. Debra had moved her baker's rack. I love how Debra always styles hers. 
I thought about moving it back indoors. 
Instead, I moved it to a new covered spot on the deck and then restyled it. 
The love is back. 

It came with the rusty chippy paint although it's gotten a touch up a time or two.
Old beige tiles were recently replaced with white tiles left over from the bathroom remodel last summer.  

My friend, Judith at Botanic Bleu had utilized a wire basket for some zinc flower pots. I was so inspired by that look. 
I gathered up an old metal refrigerator basket and loaded it with any clay pot that I could find. 
I don't have any zinc pots. 
 I searched the yard, greenhouse and flower tote in the garage for all different sizes. They look jumbled but they are carefully arranged. 

The one with the floral swag is a favorite! 
One shelf wasn't enough so I loaded a Hobby Lobby basket with some more pots. 

It balances out the shelf above it. 
I decorated the rest of the shelves with some little critters and some green majolica planters. A lantern or two was thrown in for good measure. 

The candles are plastic flameless flickering candles. You may be wondering why I'm using these instead of real candles. 

Well, the truth is that this is Texas. Candles will melt into a puddle by 2:00 p.m. on a summer afternoon. 

I've tried real candles in the past. I vow that I'm going to bring them inside so that they don't melt. Invariably, I'll forget and suddenly my candles are all wicked witch of the west on me. 

Moving the baker's rack left a hole by the back door. 
We had the base to my great grandmother's sewing machine. Bill made a top for it. 

A vintage pie safe, my original watering can, a darling bunny and some basil grace the table. I filled an antique transferware pitcher from my parents with clippings from the yard and woods. 
I love bring indoor collectables outside. 

 The cross was a gift from my brother and sister in law. 

So what did Bill think of the change? 

He likes it. 
Be safe! 

"I sought the Lord and He answered me." 


  1. I love them both, Katie. I use flameless candles too, for the most part, because I am afraid I will forget them and who needs that? It looks great!

  2. what is it about rusty crusty metal? all the better if it's white and has shelves to stack more crusty stuff on! Love it outside. We should introduce our baker's racks to each other, they'd probably fall in love!!

  3. I love metal garden racks like these! And Debra always inspires me too. I can't get my fill of garden style this time of year. Yours is perfect with the chippy white paint. And what a steal!