Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Guest Bath Mini Makeover In Progress

Hello, Friends, 
 I got a bee in my bonnet to tear down the bead board wallpaper in the guest bathroom. 
I've been using the guest bathroom to do my hair and makeup during lockdown. 
It's not like we are having guests anyway. 
Now that I'm sitting at the vanity, I realized that I did a terrible job with the wallpaper under the medicine cabinet. 
I really hope that all our guest stood to do their makeup but I doubt it. 

I was also over the glass tile backsplash.
Tearing down the wallpaper was easy. 
Taking down the molding was easy as well. 
The sides of the backsplash came off okay. It was a challenge getting the area under the mirror.
 The walls underneath the wallpaper were still black. 

I had a can of Colorplace White from Walmart in the garage. 
It matched the walls above the chair rail so I didn't have to repaint the whole room. 
I love painting. It's so relaxing to me. 
I went back and forth  about the plate glass mirror. The other two bathrooms had them too but they were taken down about seven years ago. I'd always wanted Bill to trim out this mirror for me but he never got around to it. He had a look at it today but he didn't think trimming it out would work because of the light fixtures so we took it down. 

I need to fix the wall where they glued the mirror to it. There are two giant black blobs of glue. 
I have some marble tile left over from the kitchen back splash to use as a backsplash in here. 
I picked up two silver framed mirrors from Hobby Lobby. I need to repaint those gold, I think. 
I'd like to get new clear seeded glass globes for the light fixtures. They are frosted and have a heart motif. I'm not sure why I went with those but...  The fixtures are white. I don't know if I'll paint those or get new ones from Home Depot. 
I'd really love glammy sconces but we will see. 
It won't be a huge change but it will be freshened up at least. I hope we will be able to have guests again soon. 

We have a second showing on a house out in East Texas on Friday. This is a house I dismissed but Bill really likes the property and wants to look at it again. I'll snap some photos to share with you. 
It was built in 2006 but it looks like it was built in the 80s. I think people keep photos of their dream house and by the time they can build, it's out of style. 
There are some advantages to this house but it doesn't make my heart sing, if that makes sense. 
There is a large front porch and a cute screened in porch along the back. The dining room and kitchen are cute if I recall but they need paint. 
Bill wasn't going to let me paint the other farmhouse white with black trim. He thinks this house is suited for that classic modern farmhouse color scheme. We will see. I like the idea of a green house with white trim too.
This house needs cosmetic updates rather than an overhaul so it won't be as difficult for me to do things on my own. 
Shopping for a house during a pandemic is weird. We rushed through all three of the houses we saw because we felt weird being in their space. Not because we would get sick but because we didn't want them to feel like they would get sick from us. Here we were coming from the "big city" where the covid numbers are much higher. We didn't want them to feel uncomfortable because we were in their houses. 
I know. It was their choice to put their house on the market during a pandemic. 
I'll let you know what happens. 
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  1. Oh I love that metal roof & low front porch. It would be so much fun to decorate for the seasons. This is very similar to my own house. We put on a metal roof this color but we don't have a nice front porch like this, just a stoop. We do have a glorious screened porch out back....facing a lake. We're thinking about painting our house a dark navy blue.

  2. this place is really cute, Katie, and has the right "farmhouse" look and bones. That roof is perfect. Hope the second viewing goes well! Have a great weekend!

  3. Love that roof. We put a new metal roof a few years ago and I have not been sorry! Love it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Hi Katie. I love this house. I can see you fixing it up so cute. Are metal roofs good for your warmer climate. Are they noisy when it rains? We just do not have those up here so I have never seen a metal roof. Hope you get a better feel with the second view. Hugs. Kris

  5. The bathroom looks terrific and yes, I can see this house for you. The lot looks gorgeous too. I thin all the changes you've made on your home will really help the resale too.

  6. I think this house seems cute. Tge metal roof is farmhouse. Hopefully you will be happy the second time around. Good luck and keep us posted.