Saturday, September 12, 2020

Vintage Jars And Bottles Around The House/ Lifestyle Of Love Blog Hop

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Welcome to VAFR Lifestyle of Love Blog Hop hosted by sweet Cindy of County Road 407.  
Thank you, Cindy for hosting. 

Today we are talking about jars and bottles which are farmhouse staples. 
If you are coming from The Painted Hinge, welcome. I just love how Michelle styles her vintage items. 

I'm an avid collector of collections and at some point, jars and bottles were collected too. 
In fact we use canning jars as our everyday drinking glasses. 
If my memory is correct, there was a restaurant chain that served drinks in frosty jars. Was it Chili's? I can't remember. Additionally, we lived in Lubbock, Texas for three years. I don't know if you have heard about Lubbock water but it was terrible. It tasted terrible and it left mineral deposits on all of our glasses. We started drinking out of jars instead. When they got cloudy, they were thrown away or recycled. That was about 30 years ago but we've stuck with this habit. 
I think my kid's friends thought we were weird. 

I started picking up boxes of clear mason canning jars. Several years ago, Newell Brands, who is licensed to us the Ball label came out with reproduction colors. I had to get some of those. 

I got a set of blue and green jars but I have a purple one that was a gift from one of my students. 
I love purple jar day. Purple was my favorite color when I was a kid.
I love using these jars in casual and fun tablescapes. 

I use some fun vintage jars to hold dodads in the laundry room. They hold change, clothes pins and spools of thread. 

I'll pick them up at antiques or thrift stores if the price is right. I used to get them for just a few cents but they have gone way up in price. It's fun to look for colors and brands that I haven't seen before. 
The gorgeous aqua Ball jars are my favorite. 

They make such good vases for a country or farmhouse look. 
Did you know that the old vintage Ball logo changed slightly during different production years? Some collectors want jars with all of the different logos. It helps date the jars as well. I like having a mix of screw on lids and the glass lids that are held down with the metal clasp. 

Their color is perfection. 

Newell  has been working on getting the color just right. The photo above shows a new jar next to a vintage jar. 
Can you tell which one is new? 

Recently,  I've been collecting brown glass bottles for autumnal displays. 

I scored a handful this summer for 50 cents each. 
I lost one to the garbage disposal. Nothing says 2020 like having to pick glass out of the garbage disposal. 

The jam jars from Bon Mamon are so stinking cute with their red gingham lids. I run them through the dishwasher and save all of those. 

I brought a tiny one home from England two years ago. It's darling.  

That is it for me. 
Hop on over and visit Lora B. Create and Ponder to see how she uses jars and bottles. I can't wait to see how she uses them in her home.
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  1. Love your famrhouse style so much Katie! It's fun to see what you've collected throughout the years and how you use those pieces in your daily life too. So many time we keep them in a box or a closet so I really appreicate how you have your favorites front and center. Hugs, CoCo

  2. I kinda got distracted when I spied your red metal picnic baskets on the top shelf of the laundry room, along with that to-die-for aqua ice cream bucket! What a fun place to do laundry and enjoy your fun vintage things! We drink from jars, too. There's just something about the weight and size in your hand that is just perfect! I got the new green ones, too. Well water wrecks ours, so I toss them when needed, too. Think I need to get some of those new amber ones Michelle has in her post for Fall...;) Always love hopping with you, Katie!

  3. I am smitten over those green jars! I've never seen the green! We use purple jars we found a few years ago for drinking in Navasota and now I will be looking for green! They work with so many seasons and holidays. Thank you for joining us. Pinned

  4. I enjoyed seeing all of your jar ideas today, Katie! I remember when the green and purple jars came out but I never purchased any of them. Love how you used the green jars on your tablescape and also to root a plant.

  5. Such a lovely collection of bottles and jars Katie! I think the green are my favorite!

  6. We drink out of the french jelly jars.

  7. Katie I love your collection of mason jars and bottles and I loved seeing them all today! So happy to be hopping with you on this super-fun blog hop!

  8. I save all my Bonne Maman jars and use them for so many things -- holiday gifts, like nuts, are wonderful in them, and I often will put paint tubes, crafty bits and bobs and even chex mix in them. Love your Ball jars -- wish I could find blue ones.

  9. oh those green jars are my favorite!! honestly, Mason Jars are perfect for so many things. Brown bottles are a fall must have and I just need to find more!

  10. Katie, You have quite a collection. I have those same reproduction jars in blue and green. I've gotten so much use out of them. You've styled them in so many lovely ways!