Monday, March 8, 2021

A Deer Blind To Potting Shed Transformation

Hi, Friends,

I thought I'd share a remarkable transformation. When we closed on the house out in East Texas, we found an interesting collection of deer blinds. The former owner's son was clearly a fan of deer hunting. 
We are not fans of deer hunting. I'm not disparaging the sport by any means, it's just not something that Bill grew up doing nor has he showed any interest in it whatsoever. 
Three of the blinds were back in the woods but one had been pulled up to the yard. 
We were under the impression that the blind would be gone shortly after closing. It wasn't. 
Two or three weeks went by and the blind was still there. 
Bill wanted to haul it to the dump. 
I began to get a vision for its transformation. 
It wasn't big enough to be a green house but I thought it'd be a good place to store flower pots and gardening tools. 
Here is what it looked like the day we saw the house for a second time. 

Bill pulled some raggedy burlap off of the window openings. He also took care of some decaying wood on the sides. 
It was gross inside. 

This is how it sat for several months while we worked on other projects.


I knew it was facing the wrong way. The door needed to be on the south side instead of facing west. So, one drizzly Saturday morning, Bill chained it to the back of the truck and we turned it around. It was so much fun. We went to a local antique/junk store to find some windows. 

Last weekend, we were in the cabin doing some demo. I stepped outside and it was at that point that I noticed that my pine trees were no longer green. They were rust. (It is too early to tell whether the trees will recover.)  I felt the need to bring order out of chaos since I could do nothing about the pine trees and the issues in the cabin were more severe than I anticipated.  
The urge to bring beauty out of the ugly became overwhelming. 
I looked at that deer blind and went to work. 

I grabbed some white paint out of the shed/shop. 
I started painting the wood slats and the door. A couple of swipes across the red corrugated metal told me that it needed to be taken off. 

 The old shutters from the main house were dismantled and cut down for the sides. 

This past weekend, while I painted the cabin, Bill took off some weird trim pieces and he installed two old chippy windows. 

Even though my hands were tired from painting the cabin, I wanted to finish painting the little potting shed. 
Once the paint was dry, the shed got a bit of styling. 

The wreath was made from grapevine pulled from the woods. 

A Hobby Lobby bracket is a stand in for gingerbread trim. 
The white wire planter box is really part of a closet component from IKEA. 

One of the windows has perfect chippy dark green paint. 

The other window has a some celery paint showing through the white. 

I love that. 

Bill did a great job with the windows. 

I don't know if this will survive another move but it would look so cute inside my future vegetable garden.
I told Bill that it would be like the shed in Mr. McGregor's garden.
"Who is Mr. McGregor?" 
I stared at him over the top of my glasses but finally told him.  
"My parent's didn't read to me when I was a kid." 
He's worked from home for 11 months. I stare at him from over the top of my glasses sometimes. 
That's all for now. 
Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. The deer bling looks so nice transformed into a potting shed. A wonderful way t repurpose it. I hope your pine trees recover from the frost from the storm.

  2. OH MY GOSH! I would have never thought to do that and would certainly not have made it that cute. Y'all did a marvelous job! I can hardly wait to show the Mister. Enjoy! Pinned

  3. Fabulous, Katie! You should submit this to BHG's I Made That! It's so darned cute -- I love it!

  4. Texas Forest Service is saying our pines will be fine. They will just lose the needles, they shed in the spring, faster.

  5. This is super cute, Katie. Great save. Love the chippy windows! Hope your pine trees pull through!