Thursday, March 4, 2021

New Bathroom Storage In East Texas

Hi, Friends, 
How are you? I hope you are well. 

We removed a set of shelves from my bathroom out in East Texas. There are two working bathrooms in the house. They are both kind of small. Bill took one and I took the other. Frankly, I think I have the better deal. 
The shelves were put in by the air gun king. There were nail holes everywhere and they were never primed and painted. A curtain out of Navy blue sheeting fabric hid the contents. A curtain across from the toilet? Umm. No! Gross. It was immediately removed. Bill began removing the built ins the second day of our staying there. I didn't even get a picture. 

This is in the potty closet.

I wanted something different there instead of just standard cabinetry so I hit up one of the antique malls in town. 
I wasn't sure what I wanted but I found a china cabinet. I'd walked by it once and didn't see it. Something told me to take one more trip around the mall just to see if I missed anything. That is when I spied it in the back corner of the mall. The size was perfect and it was only $50.00. 

One of the glass shelves was gone but that was not a problem. 

The foil wallpaper on the back and on the bottom would have to go. 
It was not easily removed from the bottom. I finally used CitriStrip.

Rather than fight with the wallpaper on the back of the piece in order to get it off. We cut a new back out of some thin plywood that we had from another project. 
 My "go to" paint treatment is usually white but green is our accent color in the new house. 

I found some green chalk paint at Tuesday Morning.  The under color is olive. The top coat is more of a moss green called Lichen by Ceramcoat. I love this color. 

Petroleum jelly is usually what I use to distress my pieces but for the life of me, I can't remember if I used wax this time. It doesn't matter. There are quite a few distressing techniques out on the internet. 
Either way some of the olive color shows through. I painted the bottom and sides white. 
The back was stained with a light colored Minwax stain. I wanted it to look as if it had no finish. I tried two different kinds and they ended up looking identical. Here is a good tip regarding stain. Try out sample sections on a scrap piece of your wood and choose which look you like the best. 
Stain looks different on each type of wood. 
We carefully loaded her up for the trip out to East Texas. 
She arrived in tact. 
I was fearful that those doors might break. Glass had already been replaced in a couple of sections before it came into my possession. Some of the curvy sections of glass would have been a pain to put in. 

Instead of a second glass shelf, Bill made a shelf out of the material he used for the back. He glued two of the thin pieces together for more support. It was stained with a light stain to match the back. 

Painting the window detail was a pain. There was a lot of scraping of the glass. 

This only had a key hole but no pull. My pull stash yielded a darling vintage glass knob. 

Since this is a potty closet and there is very little room, it's hard to photograph the whole thing but the legs are darling all painted up. 
They remind me of something in the animated version of Beauty and the Beast which is my favorite Disney movie. 

We store a few towels, extra toilet paper, white Dove soaps and that's about it. 

Some hotelware pitchers adorn the top shelf because I have a pitcher problem and they need to go somewhere. 

A painting on wood from one of my mother's best friends hangs above. 

I'll be back to show you more of the rest of my bathroom. You may never see Bill's bathroom. Haha. 
Thanks for stopping by. 
Have a blessed day. 


  1. Katie, I love this piece. The wood on the glass is pretty detail. The legs are gorgeous. I love legs on furniture.

    Great paint treatment.


  2. Katie this cabinet is so cool. I love the shape and character to it. I look great. Can't wait to see more of your bathroom. xoxo

  3. I love it that you have a pitcher problem! It looks wonderful, Katie. I love the color and you two really did a wonderful job with giving it a whole new look!

  4. This cabinet is an adorable find. Good for you for thinking outside the box. I love the shape and legs and pretty glass detail. The green is so fresh and springy clean and you did a great job on redoing the inside. It looks perfect!