Sunday, May 23, 2021

East Texas Laundry Room Reveal

Hi, Friends,
Look at me, blogging twice in a week. Life must be getting back to normal. 
How's it going? 
It's time to reveal another room in our East Texas house. 
There is no natural light in this space so I've had a terrible time getting good photos for you. I've given up! I think you'll want to see the transformation anyway. 

The laundry room was scary when we looked at the house. It was part laundry room, part pantry and part workshop. 

We cleaned it up and it looks pretty cute.  Do you want to see what we did? 
Of course you do. That's why you're here. 
When we closed on the house, this room was an empty shell except for the hot water heater, the light fixture and two shelves behind the door. I thought that there was a window behind the door. Sadly, there was not. 
Hopefully, some day, Bill will be able to add a window. 
Shortly after we moved in, I took down the shelves so that I could get some paint on the walls and ceiling. As soon as the paint was dry, I hung up some art just so the room wouldn't be so depressing. The wall in the image below is in my line of sight from the kitchen. 

Bill ordered the washer and dryer shortly after we closed on the house. 

We were fortunate to get them quickly during Covid. 
Unfortunately, our outlet wasn't a dryer outlet. It was a stove outlet. Bill found one and switched it out the next weekend. 

We've had the cow canvas for a few years. I got it at Laurie Anna's Vintage Home in Canton. Every once in a while we can hear the cows across the road. 
We got the floors done shortly after the delivery of the washer and dryer. 
Our floors are a luxury vinyl plank by Lawson Floors. The pattern is Lauder. Caring for them is a breeze. 

Flooring made a huge difference. The lighting was very yellow and it made the room have a golden cast even after I painted the walls. 
Bill hung up the shelf and peg rail. He made this ages ago after we saw one like it at Crate and Barrel in Dallas. I painted it because the pine had turned an orange color over the years.

That water heater was bugging me. 
Bill replaced the light fixture for us with a cute one from Home Depot. 
 We have three light bulbs instead of one. It made a big difference. 

We also found a set of bi-fold doors at an antique store in town. The water heater isn't gas so this is a safe way to hide it. 
A darling bird hook from Hobby Lobby holds a vintage apron and a dish towel. Both are green which is our East Texas color. 

A table was a $5.00 yard sale find. Bill found the sale on his way to the dump.
It's now the cat food table for our Sweet Caroline. 

It's painted in my favorite chalk paint by Ceramcoat in the color Lichen. 
The Crate and Barrel inspired shelf is decorated with vintage finds and new baskets. 

The electric iron came from the same shop as the bi-fold doors. I painted the handle and disconnected the cord. I thought about using it but I didn't want to die. Ha.
I had to have the White Cottage floor cleaner when I saw it in an antique shop at home. 
It's perfect. 
Bill thought I'd lost my mind. There is still cleaner in the bottom of the bottle. I'd use it but I don't want to die. :)

The toy washboard belonged to my mom. The older iron came from my grandmother's house.

I found the chicken the same day as the doors. 
I spray painted the lid of a sour kraut jar. It's new but the barrel shape of the glass makes it look vintage. 

I printed the old washing machine graphic from the Graphics Fairy. 

The rooster and chicken print came from my favorite thrift store. I passed them up for a couple of weeks until I decided they were perfect for East Texas. 
The rooster reminds me of how much I want the rooster next door to stop crowing. 
Give it a rest! 
"We get it. You're a rooster."

We needed a spot to hang some brooms. 
We had some live edge wood from our wood guy who lives in Rendon, Texas. 
The hooks were from Ace. I soaked them in vinegar overnight to achieve instant age. 
It's a happy accident that the brooms are green to go with our color scheme. 

It's cute hook system and it fits with the theme of our house. 

Cubbies from Target finished off the space. 
I think I'd like to try taking off the door. It just seems in the way. I don't mind looking into a cute laundry room and we don't really close the door anyway. 

There you have it. Our East Texas laundry room. It's great getting a load or two done before we head home. It makes my Monday a little bit easier. 
Thanks for stopping by. 
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  1. What a great job you did on this space. It looks great!

  2. The new laundry space looks so great. Great job. Have a good week.

  3. Katie, I'm so impressed! It looks terrific. That little cat-food table is darling and I love the paint you chose. The art is terrific, too. Well done!

  4. You have a special touch, Katie. Things just turn out so cute and functional. So important for a laundry to be a happy place to be. I'd eat off the green kitty table myself!