Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Blue And White In The Living Room

Hello, Friends, 
How are you? Happy Summer!
I've been tweaking our decor in the living room.  
A blue and white color scheme is perfect for this time of year and I've had a lot of fun playing with some beautiful pieces. 

A few weeks ago, I brought the chinoiserie lamp down from upstair's closet. I loved how it looked on the washstand next to the ticking chair. When I was little, this washstand was my beside table. I love this cutie. Ideally, it should have more of a Victorian knob but my mom was into Colonial/Early American design so the original knobs are long gone. I've always been smitten with white porcelain knobs and this piece is why. 

Some blue/green hydrangeas from the grocery store have dried perfectly.
I'm thrilled because they will last for a long time. 

With the addition of the specimen butterfly, the color transformation had begun. I knew it wouldn't be long until this fresh color scheme wrapped around the room. 

The mantel got a thrifted seascape. This was found a long time ago when vintage oil paintings were cheap and easy to find.  
The ship bookend is now an ornament for the mantel display. Bill looks for vintage bookends on our antique excursions
The shiniest brass candlestick was thrifted yesterday. A collection of them was at my favorite thrift store a few weeks ago. I passed on this one but regretted it immediately. Even though many of them had already sold, this one was still there. I don't know why because it was the best of the bunch. It was $!.50. 

The breakfront is a focal point in the living room. 
It took a bit of playing to achieve the curated, collected, and lopsided look that I love. Some of these pieces came down with us from Tulsa when my step-mother died almost two years ago. 
They had been displayed in the corner cupboard in Tulsa and in New York before that. I've struggled with where to put them since then because I didn't want them in the corner cupboard. 
Bill's grandmother's hand painted Limoges is in that piece.

I knew at some point that I'd want to display this collection of blue and white. 

Some of the pieces belong to my dad's grandmother. I remember the blue Mary Gregory glass pitcher from my childhood but I'm not sure if it is a family piece. It may have been a thrifty find by my mother because she was a great antique shopper in her day. 

The covered vegetable dish is just stunning but it is in far from perfect condition. 
Both of the handles have snapped off. I broke one soon after I brought this home from Tulsa.  

The mermaid, the ship creamer and the shell box were all thrifted a long time ago. 

The snooty bunnies are as aloof as ever. 

My little brass frame always get a seasonal print. I usually find antique graphics at the Graphics Fairy website. My husband keeps our color printer ready with ink. 
I found the strawflower baby feeder in East Texas. 

The lights in the breakfront are from IKEA. They are on from morning until bedtime. 

I brought the cocktail ottoman down from the game room a few weeks ago. 
It was always too big for that room and it was not getting used anymore. I use it all the time now. 

I like that it is open at the legs. It opens up the space. 
The rug is the James rug in Natural Fog by Magnolia Home. 
I love this rug. It is plush and so soft. 

A mix of ticking, needlepoint, antique grainsack, and new ecru from Hobby Lobby make up the pillow collection on the sofa. 
The slipcover is made from Cotton Duck canvas from Joann's. I loved this canvas. Sadly, it looks like they don't carry it anymore. The newer canvas has flecks of brown in it which looks like drop cloth material. 

You know what they say about sleeping babies. I was not about to wake this kitten to remove her from the photo shoot. 

That is all for now. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour. This room feels very complete. It's taken a long time for it to feel cohesive. 
Blessings to you, 



  1. Never apologize for including a cat-perfect addition to setting.

  2. It's all beautiful. Love the coastal touches! I will be featuring you at tonight's AAH party!