Tuesday, June 29, 2021

July Fourth Decor At Our Country House

Good Morning, Friends!
How are you?
I hope you are well and that you are enjoying your summer. 
Our little ranch house got some 4th of July decor this past weekend. 
I had loads of fun sprinkling some Patriotic trimmings around the space. 

I will try to keep my chatter to a minimum so that you can enjoy the pictures. 
If you have been following, you might remember that we've decorated with greens out in East Texas. 
I packed all that up, temporarily, and swapped out the color scheme with blue. 
Vintage blue and white transferware forms the basis for the decorations. 

Please ignore or the countertop. Those will be changing soon. 
A Better Homes and Gardens valance in blue and white adorn the little window. I wasn't sure it would work but I love it. 

The core of our collection of blue and white came to us from my mother and grandmother. 
I suspect that my mother collected it for my grandmother. 
We have some really good blue onion and straw flower pieces as a result. 
I had all of this on display all of the time in the 80s and 90s. Eventually, I packed it away for trendier color schemes. The collection gets pulled out seasonally these days. I love it in winter and in summer for the fourth. 

The cow creamer is one of my favorite pieces in the collection. 

The decor shelf got a few bits as well. 

The flag postcard and the photo are fun. 

The lavender, vegetable bowl, one clock face and the blue and white plate were all East Texas finds. Antiques are cheaper out that way. 

I love how the mantel looks for the fourth. 

I found the cottage "painting" in an antique shop out there but it's not old. It may not even be a painting but a textured print instead. I can't tell. 

I painted the little flag a while ago. 
The inspiration came from a hooked rug. 

I thrifted the mini basket last year. 

My flower crate from Nearly Natural got red geraniums, curly branches and flags. 

Let's go outside to the cabin porch. 

The white wrought iron bench was found at Bill's live edge wood guy who lives in Rendon, Texas. 
This is Bill's third bench refurbishment project in a year. He said, "No more!"
 Okay, I don't have any more porches that need a bench anyway. :) 

The paint on the cabin is Retreat by Sherwin Williams. The door of the cabin is Sun Dried Tomato also by Sherwin Williams. 

The trim above the porch still needs priming and painting but it may have to wait until this fall. 
We are trying to slow things down a little instead of working ourselves to death. 

Stock tank number two is filled. Bill is in the process of setting up the pump so that we can circulate the water. 

The front of the house got a smidge of decor. 

I should have tried to get bunting to go all the way across but I didn't think about it until we were out there this past weekend. Maybe next year I'll have it all together. 

The new butcher block countertops will be delivered tomorrow. Hopefully, Bill can install the two small sections this weekend. I think he wants to see how that goes before we do the sink area. 
We are trying to relax and enjoy it more anyway.  
That is about it for now. I hope you enjoyed seeing the decor out in East Texas. 
To see overall room shots visit the country house page. 


  1. Katie, it's darling! It looks like you've lived there a million years, all settled and so happy!

  2. Love all your vintage blue/white dishes and decor at your East Cabin. Things are looking great! Have a happy July 4th!!

  3. It looks great! I love your blue/white dishware. The painting over the mantel is lovely. It looks old! The cabin looks so cute! Happy Independence day!