Friday, December 3, 2021

A Christmas Hutch

Hi, Friends,

Welcome to another episode of Starsky, The Hutch. Have I told you how much I love this hutch? 
We found it a an antique shop in Quitman, Tx. I must have been out of it that day because Bill had to talk me into it. I can't remember now but I know it was less than $300.00. It was a worthwhile bargain and it is perfect for our entryway. It is also fun to style through out the year but it is especially sweet at Christmas. 

A prim stocking hangs on the white porcelain knob. Coffee and cinnamon was used to stain some children's socks. I've sprinkled them around the house. 
A candy cane purchased from Etsy is propped within the stocking. 

 White ironstone pieces make up the foundation for the decor throughout the year.  
Red transferware makes an appearance at Christmas time. 

A estate sale sugar bowl was found a few months ago.  The matching creamer got creamed when the cat knocked it off of our bathroom window sill. She always acts so surprised when her antics lead to a loud crash. 

A darling Belsnickle from Green Flea Market in NYC is a tiny but outstanding reminder that old St. Nick is on his way. A tiny Santa needs a tiny reindeer. The metal antique reindeer was passed on to me from Bill's mom. It was nestled with another one in a tiny little box. 

They're so cute together. 

Yaupon holly sprigs were cut from our tree in the back yard.  That tree started as a little tiny volunteer. It's huge now. 

A ceiling tile used as a backdrop also came from The Green Flea. I was walking down a NYC street and came upon a building under renovation. Piles of tin ceiling pieces were dumped on street slated for the dump. I wanted to rescue it all. I don't image that I would have gotten through airport security. At least someone was able rescue this tile. 

The white and the red is beautiful against the old wood. 

Another Santa from the thrift store guards the top shelf. 

A little brass offers some contrast. The teapot was thrifted. 

The gold color echos the gold in a chop plate hand painted by Bill's grandmother. 

The Old Britain Castles teapot in red was a gift from Bill. 

Cottages seem to be a recurring theme with our decor this year. 
I saw some adorable cottages last year on Pinterest. They all seemed to come from Scandinavia. 

I showed the images to Bill and he was able to put one together out of scrap lumber. I painted it. 

A tiny old nail from an antique table became the chimney. The second metal reindeer rests next to an antique tiny ceramic Belsnickle. I saw one just like him at an antique store recently. It was $50.00. What?

He's a darling too. 

That is the hutch. I hope you enjoyed seeing it. 
It doesn't take a lot to create a festive look. The color story and the addition of a few precious heirlooms are all that it takes to tell a holiday tale. 
Do you like subtle Christmas decor or do you prefer a few more seasonal accouterments? 
I find that this less is more look is easier for me to live with since our decor is out for so long. 
Let me know what you think in the comments below. 
If you like it- Pin it. 
Have a wonderful weekend. 


  1. Katie, this is such a gorgeous piece of furniture and you've styled it perfectly. I love all your heirloom treasures. Happy weekend!

  2. I can see why you love that hutch! It's a wonderful piece and you really bring your personality and individuality to it with wonderful style!

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