Monday, December 6, 2021

Our Bedroom For Christmas 2021

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are doing well. 

There have been a few changes in our bedroom so I thought I'd share our room with a few Christmas touches.  

A month or so ago, Bill started to notice that his chair in the garden room was uncomfortable. 
We brought his recliner down from the game room to give that a try. Because that chair is electric, it was hard to get out of it for coffee refills and various pet interruptions in the evening. I don't know if you have one of those but it is like getting up in slow motion.  "Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr." After just a few days, he realized that the recliner was not going to work.
 We took it back up the stairs and picked up a new chair and ottoman from IKEA. I wish you could have seen us trying to get that recliner up and down the stairs without scratching the floors. If our children knew what we get into, they would put us in a home. 

The new chair is the same Stradmon Chair but it is in a different color. You will get to see that next time I do a garden room post. 

Rather than give the gray Stradmon chair away, I wanted to keep it. 
Wing back chairs are classic. I gave two away in the 90s and I've regretted it several times. 
The fact that the cushions on this one are a little worn out isn't an issue because it isn't going to get used often. It's going to hold pillows at night. 

I really like it in here, which is funny because I didn't really care for it in the garden room. 

The latest bedding ensemble, was prompted by the gray chair. 

We have had the gray quilt for a few years. I found it at Tuesday Morning. It is a Ballard Design's dupe. Light quilts or coverlets are a must in Texas. the heat is on one day and the next day we might need the air conditioner. It was 80ยบ last week. Our fans run all year except on cold nights. 
The black grainsack style pillow was a Target clearance item a while back. The throw is Pottery Barn. I love the plaid.  The needlepoint pillow is vintage. 
Painting the bed has given it new life. 

Here is photo of the gray bedding on the bed before it was painted. 

The walls and ceiling have also been painted since then. 

A floral painting over the mantel is one of my favorite pieces of art. 
It came to me from my step-nana. 

The mantel was freshened up this year too. I used Snowbound by Sherwin Williams. 
A garland with fairy lights brings sparkle. Simple and sweet cottages are dotted across the garland.
A darling antique metal car pulls up the wee village. 

When we got the mantel, we had to move the dresser. I'm not sure that I've ever showed you where I put it. Double doors from our room open to the game room. It's a room that doesn't get used very often anymore but you can imagine what it was like when we had teenagers. 

A red Dept 56 house was painted black a few years ago. It goes with our scheme so much better. 

Our little skinny tree was from Hobby Lobby. They have these every year. I love waking up to the cozy glow. 

Here are some kitty cat antics. 

That's it for now. It's so nice to have our room freshened up and sprinkled with a few Christmas touches.  


  1. Your bedroom is so lovely. Look very spacious.

  2. Beautiful. Warm and welcoming!

    X Chy

  3. It's lovely, Katie. I especially like your mantel. And your sweet little girl is a doll!