Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Home For The Holidays In The Garden Room

Hi, Friends,
I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season so far. 

Because of our new little kitty, I had to rethink our Christmas trees. We have my collection of Lenox ornaments but we also have some of my grandparent's blown glass ornaments. The garden room tree was festooned with red plaid and filled with those antique ornaments. I loved that tree. I'd decorated that tree the same way for about 7 years so letting it rest this year is totally fine.
I was not going to fill a tree full of antique ornaments but I wasn't sure what to do.  

My brother gave me a darling metal camper for a Christmas/birthday gift. 
It was red but I thought the camper would look cute green and that it would go to our East Texas house. 
Our country house is decorated in green, black and white for Christmas. 

I also put a light in it. Amazingly, we had a metal pick up truck that was the same scale as the camper. 
I set the two up on the shelves in the garden room and I loved it. 
I began to brainstorm about additional decor for the room. 
Before the red pick up truck became all the rage, vehicles with a tree tied to the top were popular. I collected a few back then and kept them in my stash until I wanted to use them again. 
We have a few houses and cottages so a Home For The Holidays theme was born. 

I waffle between joy and thankfulness that we have made it through the last two years. That mood can flip in an instant if I think too much about it. It's been two years since we have seen our oldest. I hope he can be home for the holidays soon. I was decorating this tree as a talisman of hope. I was on a mission to fill this darling tree.

Shopping my stash for a new theme is one of my favorite things to do. I shopped the ornament box and house and collected a few wonderful items. 

Crafter made cottages from the thrift store got eye hooks so that they could be hung on the tree. I painted these a few years ago. They had a quintessential 80's paint scheme before. Some simple wooden cottages from Tuesday Morning used to be shelf sitters but got they got eye hooks as well. 

A darling little house with a folk art heart has been in our collection since our first year of marriage. 
I just love that it has it's own themed tree. 

A clearance red truck got a new paint job as well. 

I made a couple of signs. The Merry Christmas sign was based after one that Liz Marie had. 

The dish dresser got a few fun bits. The plaid cottage came from Tuesday Morning a few years ago. 

This antique car was a plaque that I found out thrifting. I've had it several years but knew that a day would come where I'd use it for a tablescape or another display. 

Bill got me a darling green truck ornament for Christmas last year. 
It rests in a bird cage with some bottle brush trees and a fun cottage that he made for me.

My favorite tree out in East Texas is a blueberry juniper. The Graphics Fairy had a perfect vintage botanical. 

A mouse ornament from my oldest is driving a green pick up. 

This made me smile. 

The centerpiece was made from grocery store plants. 
I got the idea from Garden Answer on YouTube. 

The garden room is where we have our morning coffee. 
Here are a few picture from a morning out there. 

The idea for the birdhouse came from the Canterberry Cottage YouTube channel
She has amazing craft ideas. 
It was one of my favorite crafts this year. 

That is going to be all for now. I'll have more Christmas decor to show soon. 


  1. I love it all Katie, but the mouse in the pick-up is my favorite!! Happy Tuesday!

  2. I love your shiny brite birdhouse! And all the cute things -- the tree is wonderful with the little houses and it's fun to change things up. I like shopping the basement too!