Saturday, February 12, 2022

The Garden Room Is In Bloom

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are well.
How are you doing these days? 

Our garden room began to take shape after I read a Victoria Magazine article in a very early spring edition. 
 Our "gameroom" is a 90's loft. It was great to have when our children were small because I could hear everything. Including, "D@^^n it, Joe" when our four year old was playing G.I. Joes. I don't think I washed his mouth out with soap but I may have made him brush his teeth with baking soda. 
"If you're going to talk like a sailor, you will brush your teeth like one." was my feeling. 
This was one of my more brilliant parenting ideas, in my humble opinion. 

There was a traumatic soap situation in my childhood. 
As a preschooler, I was playing with my baby brother. I was reciting words that rhymed with duck. Before you knew it, I was swept into the kitchen and a bar of soap was in my mouth. I was a teenager before I realized what I said. Haha. 

When we had video game playing and garage band teenagers, Bill and I needed a place to escape. 
So we closed up the little used back porch. It already had a roof. We had a beefier foundation poured. Bill worked on walls, windows and a sliding glass door. 
Right off of the kitchen, this is one of our favorite rooms in the house. 

Bill got a new chair a few months ago. I'd like to pick up a second one but I'm not sure where we would put it. 
For some reason we buy chairs in singles instead of pairs. 

The coffee table is from Tuesday Morning. The old wicker table was a little too deep for the space. It's out on the back deck for the time being but I may take it out to East Texas.  
A new storage ottoman came from the Pottery Barn Outlet. My other ottomans were taken out to the new house. I always need a place to put up my feet. 

Right now, the garden room is living up to its name and it is busting at the seams with plants. 
I'm so ready to be able to take them all back outside. 
We had snow, sleet and ice last week but this week our temperatures are in the 70s. 

The dish dresser got a refresh after a good cleaning. 

A gorgeous doorstop from my mother in law makes a good bookend. 

Clock faces are such a fun collectable. The largest one came from a very junky yard sale out in East Texas. I bought the clock for the face but then had second thought about taking it apart. The box was not in good shape. It'd been wired for electric somehow and the trim had been repainted in silver. The other day I finally removed the face.
I may do something quirky with the wooden shell of the old clock. 

This is a great place to keep gardening and decorating books. 
Recently, my brother in law gave me some collectable guides that he won at an auction. 
Bill wasn't excited about the "Kitchen Glassware of the Depression Years" but I am. 

I ordered this darling rabbit print off of Etsy. It is on canvas and the edges are hand aged with antiquing wax. I love it. I've been in a bunny mood recently so a few have emerged early from their spring tote.  

I brought my favorite garden angel in from the yard. 
The lantern got a scent warmer from Walmart. I don't have scents in it but it is a cute lantern. So much easier than battery operated candles. 

A little corner reflects my desire for sowing seeds in the spring. 

All my saved seeds are stored in a wedding chest from my great grandparents. 

You might be wondering why so many plants are in the house instead of in the greenhouse. 
My greenhouse is not heated. My must save plants are in here. Everything else is over wintering in the shed and in the greenhouse.

I do not do anything to debug my pots before bringing them in so sometimes Caroline will find a creepy crawly. 

She loves this room too. 

After getting down to -1° last February, I realized that a lot of my plants are hardier than 
I previously thought. I water them and cover them with two fleece blankets. That has worked so far. 
I was shocked at what came back last year after Uri.  

That is about it for now. I hope you enjoyed seeing the garden room. 
Please come visit again soon. 


  1. could you say the shop where you bought the rabbit print please. I love it. Judy Fisher

    1. She has some cute stuff.
      Here is the link.

  2. Love your garden room. Glad to see real plants out there and not just faux plants. Great idea for the clock faces.

  3. It looks terrific, Katie. What a good idea you had back then. I'd kill for a room with that much light to be able to winter plants. Loads of nice touches -- I love the chair. Your bulletin board with the seeds, Sweet Caroline (she must love it!). Rick came back from Dallas where it was warmer to 10 degrees yesterday. A shock to the system!

  4. Love your room! I'm cracking up over G I Joe. We once gave the Fashionista the choice of being grounded for a week or swimming the length of our pool (in January) for using unladylike language. She opted for a very cold dip. We laugh about it today.