Saturday, February 26, 2022

Cottage Core Kitchen Curtains And Early Spring Decor

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are well. 
I spotted some floral fabric with a yellow background when I was at the thrift store late last summer. I've never used a lot of yellow in my decor, but I was drawn to it because of the beautiful flowers. It was around $6.00 which is a bargain for a yard or so of good decorator fabric. Changing the valance in my kitchen for a new look is one of my favorite ways to change up our decor. This remnant was going to be perfect for a new color scheme. I thought I might stitch it up last fall but it didn't feel quite right for autumn but it seemed perfect for spring. 

So Caroline and I cut it up for valances. 

If you have been around for a while, you might remember my Better Homes and Gardens curtains from Walmart. I also have these in turquoise. 

The scallops on these are very pleasing to me so these were used as the pattern for the yellow cottage style floral fabric. 
This is so easy to do. Just lay the old valance on top of the new, double it over and cut. 
Easy if you don't have an assistant. 

My assistant was there to make sure that the center of the floral design was the same for both valances. 
That was not possible, however, with the amount of fabric available. 

This is why, I'm not a professional seamstress. I know how it should be done, but I've not the patience or wherewithall to achieve top notch results. Unless, you know that the center of the floral is supposed to be in the center of the valance, most aren't going to notice this flaw. The little cafe´ curtains stay up all the time. They were made during lockdown from an old voile tablecloth from my sister.  The window behind the closed cafe´ is foggy. Thankfully, we are finally getting those fixed. Our eight foggy windows have been on my repair list since before the pandemic. You can imagine all the reasons why they've never got to them. 

Shopping the house for matching accessories is one of my favorite things to do when introducing a new color scheme. 

Here are some photos of how yellow was sprinkled about the room. 

Some of my daffodiles from East Texas dried perfectly so they rest on a shelf in the niches.  

The double vases with the cottage motifs were a thrifted find. 

A porcelain rose from my mother in law is a perfect compliment to the roses in the floral fabric. 

The clock was an antique store find. I'd admired it for a while but it didn't have a price. It finally had a price and then I dropped it on the way to the register. I caulked it and repainted it when I got home. Only a close inspection would reveal the break. I just love it. 

What could be more cottage than a needlepoint of a cottage? 
This one was an eBay find. The glass cracked when I stapled the ribbon to the back. Ugh! 
Cottages are a repeated motif in the room. 

There wasn't any yellow in my ribbon stash so I did make a run to Hobby Lobby. 
I loved this frayed edge ribbon that was found in the fabric section. I'm going to need more of this.  
A loop of mustard ribbon around the preserved boxwood wreath echos the color story.

A begonia from Calloway's matched the coral cabbage roses in the valance. The flower pot came from there as well. They were purchased with a gift card that Santa put in my stocking. 
Santa knows me well. The white glazed clay pot is a new favorite find. 

Except for the ribbon, the striped vase was the only item purchased for this redecoration. 
I thought it was super cute. 

We had gorgeous weather while I was working on this. I cannot wait for spring.
The kitchen will be ready.  

That is about it for now.  
Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. My daughter's new home will be ready next month - she has requested a new valance from Mom's sewing machine for her kitchen. You have inspired my design. My cat also likes to help any craft or sewing project. She supervises!!

  2. oh I love all the pretty pops of yellow, it's absolutely the best spring-y color! Your curtains are wonderful and all the vintage cottage items. Glad it's warming up in your area, we're supposed to be 70 for a few days this next week. I'm so ready. Kitties are the best helpers ever!

  3. Hi Katie,
    It looks so pretty on your windows. Love that print too. Glad your little design assistant was so helpful too! Happy Monday. Have a good week. xoxo Kris

  4. Love the yellow accents. It is such a cheery color for spring. That fabric was a great find. Really pretty. Happy Spring!

  5. Katie, it's so cheerful. Love the valance fabric and I'm a big fan of yellow, especially in the spring. Nce job on the curtains and lots of sweet finds to bring in your own personality!

  6. I love yellow so love, love, love this post. Your valance came out great and shhh if you don't mention about centering it nobody would know. At least I wouldn't, lol. Looks beautiful and all your fabulous accents all around are perfection. I really like your hanging botanicals, but all of it is lovely. I am ready for spring! And your assistant is the cutest! 🤩 XO- MaryJo

  7. Hi Katie, Love the window treatments! I have the same gingham basket from hobby lobby! Happy Day! Laura