Monday, March 28, 2022

Rabbit Vignettes Everywhere

 Hello, Friends, 
How are you? I hope you are doing well.

There have been quite a few bunnies in my collection over the years. In spite of some purging, I still have quite a few. I can't seem to resist a cute rabbit at this time of year but I'm picky about their little faces. They should be sweet not grouchy. 

Sometimes I regret not buying the grouchy bunny in this photo. He was a bit adorable in his discontent.
Here are a few of our bunnies sprinkled about in vignettes. 

I found the cutest marble bunny at an antique store not too long ago. 

It is precious. 

The dining room corner cupboard got a few bits. 
A glass candy container was a sweet find. 

The Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit figurines are always fun to pull out. 

I made the spring cottage two years ago. 

My bunny teapot is from the 90s. It has to be one of my favorite spring decor pieces. I'm pretty sure I got it at McFrugals which became Big Lots. My children hated shopping with me at McFrugals! I loved it. 
The carrot ornament belonged to my grandparents. 

Another favorite is a nursery planter that I thrifted ages ago. 

That color green is just wonderful. It's so neutral which makes it more woodland rather than Easter. 

An eBay session yielded a mate for a favorite, darling brown rabbit that we've had for years.
I thought they'd match but wasn't sure until it arrived. My original probably came from McFrugals, Tuesday Morning or T.J. Maxx. There was no Hobby Lobby here in those days. They are like chalkware instead of porcelain or resin. I love their sweet faces.  

A wicker "look" rabbit was found at my grocery store.
His vintage feel was pretty irresistible. 

A friend brought us the spring towels when we hosted them in East Texas. 

A pair of white cuties were separated. One is on my mantel in our room. The other is on the downstair's mantel. Identical lavender garland drapes across both mantels. This may be lack of creativity or complete laziness. I don't know. If it works why fight it? 

 A sweet brass one. 

You have seen this one already. It's a favorite too. 
Do I say that about all of them? 

Click here to read about the garden room decorated for spring. 

The bunny print came from this Etsy shop. It's so fun. It is sold out but there are so many other fun prints. 

Our East Texas house was sprinkled with bunnies right after Christmas. 

We have a naturalist look going on out there. 
 It may be a little too "natural" for me. That is another post, however. 
I will have more to show you from that house soon. 
Thank you for stopping by to see what's going on around here. 
I hope you got some rabbit collecting inspiration.

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  1. so funny about "grouchy" bunnies. I have one or two that look like they're giving the evil eye. haha. Love that little brown bunny toward the end of your post. He looks really vintage. Honestly it's hard for me to resist any bunny at all. Your lavender and cream dried hydrangeas are so very pretty. Happy Spring, Katie!

  2. downthelanewithdaisy@gmail.comMarch 29, 2022 at 7:48 AM

    I have many bunnies also. Can't stop collecting them, but they shine for a few weeks every year!!

  3. I'm a bunny collector, too. Although I don't think that first one is as grouchy as you -- just a tad perplexed! So many darling arrangements, Katie. It's a wonderful collection!

  4. You certainly have a lot of cute bunnies. A great collection for Easter. I only have a few now that we downsized and I am like you and like the sweet faces. Happy Wednesday. xoxo Kris

  5. You have a cute fluffle of sweet bunnies! Bunnies can decorate our homes for most of the year.