Sunday, March 13, 2022

The Faux Brick Backsplash In East Texas

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are well. 
We have some catching up to do. 
If you have been following a while, you might remember my shoulder pain of 2018. 
While other's backs are somewhat straight. Mine looks like the image below. 

I have an S curve but I also have rotation. My shoulder has acted up several times but in recent years, my hips started bothering me. 
It started on the right side but increasingly the left side started giving me fits as well. 
It's been long time since I've had a good night's sleep as my pain in present when I'm lying down. Lower back issues exacerbated by my scoliosis is the cause. That is why I've been a bit absent from Let's Add Sprinkles. I hope that I'm on the road to finally feeling better. 

Let's get back to pretty DIY okay? 

Bill began cleaning out the temporary shop a few months ago. Because we are tired at the end of a weekend, stuff just gets stuffed into it. He was in a "use it or lose it" frame of mind when he found a piece of faux brick paneling propped against the wall. We set a piece of it into place as the kitchen backsplash. I wasn't sold on it but he was ready to get it out of the shop. He began to install it properly. 
Once it was install and I did a little styling, I loved it by the coffee bar. That gave Bill the green light to do the rest of the install. 

There was a strong likelihood that this would get some faux finishing. 
The faux brick needed a little something to get it to look a little less faux. 
I decided to take it slow. Adding a little more is always easier than removing too much. 

This will never look like real brick but getting the faux finish on faux brick takes some artistry. 
I played with some paint and then stepped back to take a look. 
I didn't want a full on limewash effect. Stripped painted brick was more the look I wanted.

We ran out of brick paneling but still needed to do behind the refrigerator and stove. 
This was an important step in making it look more realistic. 

This was a frustrating step for Bill. He had cuts for the cabinets, an outlet and the brick paneling that was already in place. This isn't the easiest material to cut but he did a great job. 

My painting effect was done. Joint compound was used to marry the seams between panels. 

I decided to leave the faux tin backsplash behind the sink. 

Paneling above the cabinets would make it look more realistic. 

Paneling the left side of the sink would also probably be the "correct" way to do a backsplash but these few paneled accents add dimension and warmth to the kitchen. When we looked at the house, this kitchen was so dark. The white paint has brightened it up considerably. When we propped a sheet of paneling up to the left of the sink, the kitchen looked dark once again. I think this is the way it will stay. 

It took about a year but this kitchen is done. 
Here is a look back on some before shots. 

It looks so much smaller. 

The stove wall is particularly cute. 

This kitchen has seen its share of warm cozy meals in the short time that we've owned this house. 
Out of all of our kitchens, it is by far the most functional. 
It may be my favorite one too. 

It's darling! 

Thanks for stopping by. 
That's all for now, 


  1. It looks so great Katie. Hope you start to feel better. I have been having some back issues this week too. Not good when you need to get things done. Have a good week. xoxo

  2. Your faux brick looks amazing; you did a super job. The finished kitchen is just gorgeous, it's a totally different place than when you guys started. so light and bright! Hope things "straighten out" with your back. I really understand back issues and pain. It's no fun, especially with nice weather coming on. Take it easy. Good to see you post, we've missed you!

  3. so sorry for your back issues....have you heard of using an inversion table for back pain.

  4. I love your brick work. Your kitchen is adorable. Well done! I am sorry you are having back problems. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. The combination of the tin and "brick" in the backsplash works beautifully. Your hard work paid certainly is a cheerful and lighthearted space! Hope you enjoy many more cozy meals in this delightful space. I so look forward to your posts. Hope you continue to feel better.

  6. Love the brick backsplash! You did a great job with the paint. It really "finishes" the look. Love this kitchen. :-)

  7. This looks terrific, Katie. You're very right about the added warmth which white almost always needs or else it looks too sterile. With your butcher block counters and the brick it still has the lightness but the warmth as well. Love the "finish."

  8. Great kitchen! What a fabulous makeover. I love what you've done with it.