Friday, June 10, 2022

Recent Estate Sale And Thrifted Finds

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are doing well.
It is Friday so that means it is estate sale day! On any given week, we have a lot of estate sales in the area. 
Estate Sales. Net is a great resource for finding any sales near my house. I have had a lot of fun finds this year so I thought I'd share. I've thrown in some thrifted finds too. 

Occasionally, I'll share my love for handbags here on the blog. I found this mid 2000's Coach bag for only $10.00. It was priced as such because someone had written "Mom" on the bottom of the bag. For $10.00, I thought it would be good to know how to remove ink from leather. There was also ink on the lining inside. That came out easily with Bar Keepers Friend. The leather proved more difficult and I worked on it with just about everything under my kitchen sink to no avail. I even went up to the cobbler to see what she could do for me. Her solution didn't work either. In the end, acetone and muscle power lightened the stains. This baggette style from the Y2K era is trending again. 

It's still faintly visible but not noticeable when worn over the shoulder. 

This darling mini Dooney with an oversized logo was also only $10.00. 

My phone fits when it's standing up which is important these days. 

Since I'm on a yellow kick, this painted pail made it home with me. 

An ornate brass frame was missing the glass. I had a piece of glass that almost fit. A few tweaks with the glass cutter and it popped inside the frame. I love it with the vintage strawberry botanical that was found online. 

The rabbit came from a moving sale. 

Here's another frame from a different sale. It came with a faux ancestor. 

Bill is saving him for the cabin in East Texas. 

I found a lidless ironstone tureen. It's been added to my ironstone collection. 

 You've already seen a darling fruit topiary. 

Here's one of my favorite finds. Years ago, I found a bird bath base on trash day.  
I rescued it and used it as a pedestal for a plant in the summer and a sundial in the winter. It is clay instead of concrete. One estate sale had a bird bath bowl propped against a tree in the backyard. It wasn't priced so I don't think they intended to sell it. I knew it would be perfect with my pedestal. They gave it to me for only $5.00. 
My base needed a quick swipe with some green chalk paint and now they are a perfect pairing. 

I don't believe that these came from the same pottery. They both have ivy and they coordinate perfectly. 

This makes me so happy. 

My hydrangeas are doing well. That makes me happy too. 

My neighbor gave me a table base. Bill made a new top for it. It's a great spot when we carry stuff in and out of the East Texas house. 
Can you spy the ledge that he made for Caroline? She loves it up there. 

At the thrift, I found a plastic bag full of old embroidery blanks which were a printed on old grain sacks. There was still a grain sack in the bag. The worked flower basket was also in the bunch. I stitched them up into pillows.  
I believe that these might be from the 30s or 40s. I love that that sack is from a mill in Fort Worth. I snugged them on the guest bed out in East Texas. The floral sham was found in the bins at Pottery Barn. 

There was also a quilt top in the bag. I layered that with batting and stitched it up too. 

   Years ago, the Methodist charity shop had two Hermes scarves. They were priced $79.00 each. A good deal but authenticating was not in my skill set at the time. If not authentic, $79.00 is not a good deal so purchasing them would have be a risk. I've kicked myself over and over again for passing on at least one of those scarves. Hermes scarves are collected as a fashion accessory, the heritage of the brand and the designs. Some collectors frame them because they are so beautiful. 

I'd been out estate sale-ing. I was tired and headed home but my route took me by my favorite thrift store. 
This shop benefits crisis pregnancies and was started by the Bible church. 
Most of our donations go to this store. I've featured many of my fun finds on the blog over the years. 

Since I was driving by, I popped in. On the hunt for summer dresses, the aisle took me by two big cases full of scarves. This was unusual. They always have scarves but never this many. 
They were all jumbled together but they seemed to be typical 80's and 90's era scarves. 
There was a distinctive Chanel-esk feel about the jumble. 

Most of the tangle seemed older. Many of the scarves were from all over the world and they were silk with hand rolled edges. They were three dollars each. 
I dug through the classic patterns hoping to unearth a treasure. 

A quick eBay search showed scarves in this pattern in various colorways. 
I brought it and several other home and did some more research. 

I read about the Grande Tenue design. The details on my scarf match what I've found online for authentic scarves. I believe it to be authentic although I'd love to have it professionally authenticated. 
I make up that the jumble of scarves all came from one collector. She traveled the world and picked up scarves as souvenirs. What a great idea because they easily fit into a suitcase. 

I image a very fancy lady shopping at Hermes in Paris. A place that I've seen but was too intimidated to enter. 
That is about all for now. My sale excursions have also yielded a sewing machine for our daughter and a router table for Bill. I just love estate sale day! 

I hope you enjoy these thrifted treasures. Let me know if you'd like a post on what I look for when I'm out thrifting. 
Have a great day. 


  1. oh that birdbath, so gorgeous. you look adorable Katie. great finds with the scarves!

  2. How cute you look. You found some great finds. Try looking on pinterest for ideas on how to get ink off of leather. I saw in the grocery store once a small bottle of ink remover that you could use on fabrics and that might work on leather too. Happy Weekend.

  3. I LOVE that old grain sack!! How cool! You've found some amazing things...thrifting is such a fun hobby :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow! What great finds. I bet the scarf is authentic. Beautiful! Also, great job on removing the ink on the coach bag. It is not noticeable at all.

  5. Love to hear about your thrifting finds and what’s next to look for….always fun to see your updates and creativity! Thanks for sharing, V