Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Apple Decor For Sweet September

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are well.
I'm so grateful that September weather is here. I marvel that we made it through such a hot summer. 
I've sprinkled a few seasonally appropriate items about our little place in East Texas so I thought I'd share before the month gets away from me. 

We were in the midst of a scorpion fest out in East Texas last September so I didn't do any decorating out there. We continue to catch them on glue traps but we're not as freaked out about it. We are there almost every weekend so I like it to have some seasonal decor. 

Years ago, an appliqué handmade skirt was passed down to me. It didn't fit so I took it apart and made a vest. I wore that for about a decade until it was thread bare. I took it apart and framed each of the sections of fruit. The apple above is one of those sections. It's one of my favorite seasonal items. My grandmother and her family is in the farmhouse photo.  

Faux apples congregate in an antique tureen. The tureen and platter came from one of my favorite East Texas antique stores in Quitman. 

The dry sink is my favorite piece at our house out there. 
It's fun to adorn for the seasons and holidays. 

A little plate on the mantel is all that is needed to add a little seasonal touch. 

This plate is by Blue Ridge Southern Pottery. It has a whiter background than the more plentiful Franciscan Apple pattern so it coordinates better with our color scheme. 

One of my favorite primitive tricks is to display stamped tags in a flower frog. 
The little wooden apples were crafted from scraps of wood and a few spangles from the limited craft supplies that are kept at that house. I was tickled with the result.  

More faux apples snuggle in another small tureen. If a vignette works, why not repeat it? 
I like faux fruit instead of real because we would never be able to eat so many apples. 

The brass frame displays an antique botanical graphic from The Graphic's Fairy. 
The apple slice pick was found at Michael's last year. I love that it is a bit of a different take on the apple theme. 

A deep red apple in front of a black transferware plate is a stunning combination. 

A seasonal doodad is always placed on the window sill in the kitchen. 
I tiny watercolor from Italy is a charming accent. 


That is all for now. 
Thanks so much for stopping by. 

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  1. Love all your wonderful apples for fall. How fun that you framed your apple applique from your vest. Such a sweet idea. Glad the scorpion thing is behind you! Enjoy that cooler weather!