Thursday, June 22, 2023

This and That In The Garden Room/ The Holiday Cupboard #2

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are well. 

I snagged a little dresser from the garden room and took it out to East Texas to store my clothes. 
You can read about it here

It left an open spot in the garden room. 
I thought I was completely out of spare furniture pieces but then remembered the little sewing machine table that belonged to my great grandmother. It was in pieces. 

The base was outside with some cedar planks on top. 
The drawers were in two different places being used as little organizers. The center drawer front was in the garage and the rest of the top was in the attic. I was stunned that I was able to gather all of the pieces in a short amount of time. Usually, I spend hours looking for stuff. 
Yes, I did paint it years ago. I painted everything, if you recall. 
The sewing machine is still in the attic. There is also a wood cover for the sewing machine but I didn't want to use it because I wanted the surface flat so that the Rayo lamp could be on display. I love this little corner. 

The top had a cut out for the sewing machine. 
I decided to cut a piece of pine to pop into the table. After drawing the template, the jigsaw was the perfect tool to cut out the scrolly bits. 

The top got a coat of white chalk paint so that it all would match. 
It's been a long while since this was all together on display. 
The opposite side of the brick wall no longer went with the sewing machine side. 
This was Bill's old entertainment cabinet. 

We decided to take it out to the cabin in East Texas. Bill can store books in it. 
To fill that hole, the old holiday cupboard was brought back into the house. It was in the garage holding seasonal totes. 

I didn't love the scale and I'm over the look of the bottom. Bill built this early in our marriage. Antique Welsh dish dressers were very popular at the time, so there were plans with the same proportions in a lot of the country magazines. Remember the Country Peddler Show and Country Sampler Magazine? There were so many inspirational ideas back in the day that helped spark Bill's imagination. He was pretty new to woodworking. His skills have improved a lot since then. This piece reminds him of his early wood working days and not necessarily in a good way.  
This was a good place holder until I found something else. I didn't want to spend a lot of money though. 

The antique store didn't have anything inexpensive. My go to thrift store didn't have anything. 

I decided to check the other thrift store. 

They had this two piece hutch for $100.00. ( I got a ten dollar voucher coupon for next time.)
The finish was oddly shiny. The pulls are "Nope!" but the scale is so much better.
It's solid wood except for the back and drawer parts. 

I sanded it to knock down the shininess. 
This morning, I went on the hunt for new pulls and handles. 
Our stash yielded new pulls for the doors. 

I didn't have any in my stash to replace the ones below. 

I was able to find some at Old Home Supply in Fort Worth. 
They didn't have much with a 2.5 inch spread. They aren't perfect but they are so much better. 

I do wish they were shiny brass but I may work on that a little. 
The hutch got a treatment of Restor A Finish. 
That helped to even out the color. 

When I spotted this in the store, I fully intended to bring it home and paint it. 
For now, it's not getting painted. 
This lighter pine seems back in style again. I'm enjoying wood again. 
Garden elements were used to style the shelves. 

Holiday Cupboard #2! I'm excited. 

The flooring was installed today in the cabin out in East Texas! 

We are nearing completion! Yahoo. 
I can't wait to recap it all and show you the reveal. 


  1. Your new cupboard is a beauty. I love the scrubbed pine look, you'll have fun with this! Can't wait to see your cabin with the new flooring. A guest space? love the green exterior paint!

  2. I love your new cupboard and garden decor. Can't wait to see the cabin.

  3. I always enjoy when fur babies get in photos - what's your kitty's name ? ? ? :)