Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Crafting July 4th

I have been getting crafty around here for the 4th of July.
You were able to see some of the crafts as a part of my Patriotic Home Tour
I hope you will visit that post to aquire some out of the box/beyond the flag decorating ideas.
I showed you the Santa into Uncle Sam makeover
He is standing on the front porch. He is one of my favorite things.

The front door wreath gets freshened up for almost every holiday or season.
I wanted to use the new ticking ribbon that I found at LauriAnna's Vintage Home in Canton, Texas. 

Isn't that ribbon cute?
The berry and star garlands were also Christmas items that got recruited for the holiday.
The pine needles just pulled right out.


I stuck them in a baggie just in case I'd like to reuse them at Christmas. They are a thinner, smaller size perfect for primitive crafting.

I started looking at other 4th of July ideas on Pinterest which led to a cacophony of crafting. 
I painted a banner for the fireplace mantel.

 So much fun!
This was just a star, a drop cloth, some masking tape and some paint.
The fringy garland was already made.
No sewing required.

I used to have two flag pillows but at some point, I must have given them away.
A quick trip out to my favorite shop didn't yield anything so some sewing was required.

The red calico fabrics were already unearthed from the fabric closet. I just needed some blue in order to stitch up my own flag pillow.
This navy polka dot fabric reminded me of stars and  
 it was only $4.00 a yard. I got a half of a yard.
Once it was cut into a square, I had to make stripes that were in the same proportions as a flag.
The stripes were made out of a white flowers on a red ground and red flowers on a white ground. 
The later fabric reads pinkish which is pretty. 

I joined the two striped sections together. 

It didn't take long to have all the stripes.

I joined the stars to the stripes. 

I choose red for the back of the pillow. 

I sewed around the edge, turned it inside out and pressed it 

and stuffed it. 

A tag aged with coffee and the word liberty dresses up the "stars". 


This only cost $2.00 to make because I had all the supplies except the blue fabric.
Speaking of liberty. Let me introduce you to Miss Liberty. 

The dog chewed the crown and hair off of a country style angel.

"Naughty Dog!"
I made these years ago as Christmas gifts. 
I thought she would be cute made over for Independence Day. 
I snipped off the old hair and made her a coronet of brown embroidery floss hair. 
A new crown of foil star garland and a metal star grace her.
 I'm happy to have her out in the open again after her unfortunate chewing incident. 

Another old doll got a new outfit for the occasion.

The dog apparently does not like the old country style dolls because Santa had been chewed as well. 

I had some perfect red ticking for his pants.

You are on your own for the jacket. 
It's been a long time since I've made a doll jacket and I didn't stop to take photos along the way.  I was getting a little "hangry" at that point.

Our wooden flag was made out of scraps, paint, stain and polyurethane.
Jonnie had the cutest outfit when he was a toddler.
I had it in two sizes so it got to be a favorite two summers in a row. 

I found it in the keepsake trunk and framed it.
It will probably go in the upstairs bedroom. 
Here is a cute photo of him wearing it. 

My brother gave me an old rusty tricycle for my birthday one year. I spray painted it red and stuck flags in the handle bars. 

It reminds me of when our kids had a bike parade in our neighborhood.

My friend Michelle gave me a set of bells for Christmas a few years ago.

In order to give them a patriotic touch, I took off the Christmas greenery and flecked off the pieces of snow. 


I found a set of red, white and blue bells at Michael's which became the clapper. 
A few ribbons finishes it off. 
The Liberty Bell welcomes our guests. 
I also painted last week.  

I saw a wool hooked rug on Pinterest and thought that it would be a darling painting. 
I copied the design in paint for a little miniature for 4th of July.

That's about it for now. 
I had so much fun crafting.
Maybe you can get some quick crafting in before the holiday.  
Common Ground Patriotic Party 


  1. The mantle and the tricycle I have to say are my favorites!

  2. Your house looks so festive for the 4th. Happy 4th Katie.

  3. love the crafts and decorations...and I am in love with your front door :)