Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How To Make An Easy 4th Of July Bunting

Hi friends,
I have a quick project for you. 
I don't know about you but I just love bunting for 4th of July. 
There is something about an old fashioned front porch decked out for the holiday.  We don't have a front porch but I've always wanted bunting.

The thrift store had this table runner. 

To stitch up a quick bunting, run a gather along one side of a hemmed or serged edge. 
(I'll be honest and say that this was already serged. If it wasn't, I might just leave the edge raw.)

Run a zig zag stitch over some cording. Be careful not to sew on the cording. If you do, you can very easily snip that stitch and it won't affect the gather. 


The above is a video that shows pulling the gather. 
When the top is gathered at tight as you want it, tie the two ends of the cord.

Hang as desired.

I just tacked the ends it to our split rail fence with small wire nails. (I really don't know what a wire nail is but...)

I did this post with my iPhone 6. The blogger app isn't the best but it's better for Apple than for an Android. 

Wouldn't bunting be easy and cute for a baby or bridal shower? 
Have a great day. 
Have you done any decorating for the 4th?

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  2. I was so inspired by your easy bunting, I featured it in my post today.

  3. So pretty and festive for the 4th Katie. Love it.

  4. Hi, I found you from Rivercrest Cottage. I love your bunting. It turned out fabulous. If only I could sew... lol.
    Have a wonderful 4th of July... :)

  5. love it, now I have to find mine to put out on the porch. great idea, Katie!