Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Decorating with Ferns

I was going to call this post, The FernGully Bathroom but I didn't think you would have the least slightest idea what I was talking about.

There was a 1992 movie by this title.
Here is a synopsis. 
"The fairies don't believe that humans exist until "Batty" flies in to tell them that they are real. Crysta escapes FernGully and accidentally shrinks Zak who is helping to log the rain forest. She has to bring him back to the world of the fairies so that the "Magi" can fix him. He vows to help save the rain forest once he experiences the beauty of it. He and Crysta work together to stop the evil "Hexxus" from using "The Leveler" to enact deforestation. 

I forbade my children from watching certain things. 
Sometimes because I was opposed to the content other times it was because the show was annoying. 
I'm not sure which applies here.
My daughter says that I didn't like the tree witch in this movie. I'm assuming the witch was named Hexxus. 
Creative use of names in this flick.

 I love decorating with ferns in the summer time. 
There are some great faux ferns even though I usually don't care for artificial. 
I think that I overdosed on the bad faux ivy during the 90s.   

I have a hard time keeping ferns alive. 
It turns out they like water and I haven't been vigilent about keeping them watered. 

So far I've kept the one in the garden room alive for over a year. 
I can't believe it.

A great way to create instant art is to press a fern frond in between wax paper.
It isn't so instant if it takes almost a year to put said pressed fern into a frame. 

My daughter did the calligraphy.
I encircled the fern with green glass collected over the years.
I broke down and made a white valance for the shower curtain in the powder room. 
I kept having to make new ones for each season.
This one has been up for two whole seasons. 

 A fern and a little metal insect from Hobby Lobby rest on the vanity. 

I pressed another fern for the entryway. 
This time I didn't dry it, to make it even more instant. 

I searched for a free image of the movie, FernGully: The Last Rainforest. 
I don't like using images unless I know for sure they aren't copyrighted which is why one doesn't appear in this post.
 I take issue with the title of this movie, however, because I was unable to find any ferns in the images that I found. 
Maybe they appear in FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue.

Have a great day my friends! 

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  1. I've dried flowers for art eons ago, but never fern fronds. these a re so pretty, Katie. and the scrolly cabinet? so gorgeous!

  2. your ferns look so good in the frames. you make me want to get creative.

  3. I love ferns but also have trouble keeping them alive. I usually buy 2 pots for outside but never thought of using them inside. This is beautiful, Katie. I giggled at the "more instant fern" in the frame :)

    1. Thank you! I figured if I waited like last year, it would take another year for me to get around to it.