Thursday, July 2, 2015

Real Crime Drama in the Neighborhood

There was significant drama in the neighborhood the other night and Bill and I slept through the whole thing. 
 Bill went out to go to church Sunday morning and there was a squad car parked across the street. 
Up the road a little was a crime scene van. 
He called to ask me to look into it. I am a little like Mrs. Kravitz.

And this is when I become Mrs. Kravitz .

After we hung up, I looked at my phone.
I'd received a text from my friend, Sara at 11:45 the night before asking what in the world was going on in our neighborhood. 

I quickly got dressed and went outside to see what I could find out. 
The crime scene van wasn't where Bill said it was. 
It was four houses down the street from us.
I saw my other neighbor come out of her house and I asked her if she knew anything. 
She didn't. She slept through it as well.
The owner of the house with the CSV came out and told us what happened.
They had been to the free concert at the Levitt Pavilion downtown. 

The same concert Bill and I had attended. 
They came home at about 10:30 and were visiting with some friends. 
The heard a commotion in the kitchen. 
They noticed that Luke's fur started to stand up on his collar.
(Luke was a puppy about the same time as Dixie.)
 When the couples went into the kitchen there was a man standing on the kitchen island.
 Luke had chased him up there.
He demanded the car keys. 
They said no and somehow pushed him out the back door and called 911.
 At some point another neighbor's dog started to go nuts. 
She got up to let him out into the back yard. 
She went with him and encountered the man about 7 feet away from her. 
She begged him not to harm her dog.
She ran back in the house and called the police. 
She lived 3 or 4 doors up. 
There were 7 or 8 squad cars, helicopters and police up and down the street searching. 
They had a bull horn telling him that he couldn't get away and for neighbors to go back into their houses. 
The neighbors in the house two doors up the street woke up. They were asked by the police to open the door so that the canine could rush through the house to their back yard.
The dog found the perp (I like using that word) in their shed.
They found him at around 2 a.m. 
All this and Bill and I were zzzzzzzzzz.
A big fail on our part. 
The dog didn't bark at the commotion. zzzzzzzzzz.

The fans in our room are so loud that we didn't hear a thing happening outside.
My phone wasn't near me so I didn't hear my friend's text.
This was a wake up call.
We were sitting at our kitchen table with the back door open at about the same time the "perp"
was entering their home.
I routinely sit with the back door open until late into the night. 
Our alarm was not set. 
Yes, I know. 
The dog sleeps in a crate so she is absolutely no good to us as a protector.

We are relieved that the "perp" (Now, I'm just being silly) is in custody. 
I guess all this started because he had been staying with a family that lived near by.
They had kicked him out but he came back and sexually assaulted the owner of the home.
They were already looking for him when the first neighbor called police.
He had quite the rap sheet.
Assault and kidnapping from 2011! 
Ummm, why was he out of prision?
Bill got each family a plant. 
He got Luke, the wonder dog, a bag of treats from Dixie. 

Who is asleep as I write.
How about that for excitement?



  1. Wow. So sad about the sexual attack. Yeah, why was he out of prison? Glad to hear you were safe and your neighborhood will be on alert for a while.

  2. they keep people who use drugs (harming themselves) locked up while the release the criminals who leave victims behind. I don't get our criminal (in)justice system, but I don't blame the cops. Blame the judges and the "system". I've never used drugs or committed any crime, just an observation.

  3. Wow Katie how scary. It is scary too this guy was not locked up still. Hope they do not let him out again.
    Glad you were not the victims of this and were safe.

  4. Oh wow.... That's so scary! I'm glad you and your family were safe.

  5. Aack! That is terrible! Sad too ...
    I would be like you... asleep at the time, and then nosing around and asking questions, trying to get the 411 on the 911...
    glad y'all are safe. I hope the person he assaulted is able to get some help and deal with it. That's my prayer.
    we sit with our doors open and windows open late too... It's a scary world we live in right now!

  6. OMG! that is really something! I can't believe all of that was going on while you slept. That is too funny. It's always scary when something like that happens in your own neighborhood! So, glad that no one was hurt and that he was caught. I bet you lock your doors more often now.

  7. Wow...what a night and you missed the whole thing!! I never keep my phone upstairs at night...maybe I need to rethink that.
    Mary Alice