Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Big, Red Barn-Okay, Not So Big

Once we set up our little pool in the backyard, I started spending more and more time out in the back yard. 
The views from the pool were important to me. 
My view of the shed was a little uninspiring. 

I added a few cute things to the wall but I didn't love the color. 
Bill picked it the last time. 
I must have been drugged because I don't know why I let this scheme get passed me. 

It wasn't the focal point that it could be.

I'd been on Pinterest looking at pictures of gorgeous barns. 
I knew red was the direction I wanted to go and he was fine with it. 
He is usually up for anything as long as he doesn't have to paint. Bill hates painting. 
I figured that barn red would be an easy color to find. 
I thought it might even be available premixed.
Nobody had a grab and go can of red. 
We got this red at Home Depot. 
We usually get our paint at Sherwin Williams but their air conditioning was out. They couldn't find our white in the system and they had a sale starting the next day. 
It wore me out just standing in the store, so we left. 
They lost the sale.  

When I opened the can of paint and brushed some on, it looked pink. 
I started to panic a little but decided to let it dry before I had a freak out. It wouldn't have been the end of the world, but this wasn't exactly a cheap can of paint.
Behr paint and primer together was about $39.00 a can.
The color is Bolero.  

The red paint went on pretty quick. The white trim was going to take a while.
I tried to stay under the umbrella but even with that and sunscreen, I was worried I'd get burned. I didn't. 

I finished the easy side first.  

I finished my focal wall. 

The front took forever. 
It didn't help that I was dodging the wasps that have made a home up in the left eave. 

Any paint spatter that you see on the deck is a direct result of me running from a wasp. 
I didn't get stung. 

It looks so cute. 
I can't wait to stack a few pumpkins and mums in front in the fall.
It should look great at Christmas. 
We still have to do some work to the hardware and then I'll stage it and take some photos.
Our not so big, red barn is adorable. 
Have a great day!
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  1. Good morning, Katie :)

    The little red barn is adorable! I think you chose the perfect colors and it looks so cute with all your furniture.

    Great job!


  2. So sweet and pretty and adorable Katie. Love this.