Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pranking the Husband

Over Christmas break I noticed that I was not sleeping well. 
My bed was uncomfortable and I had aches and pains in the morning.
That is not supposed to happen with a Sleep Number Bed. 

I dug around in my husband's bedside table to find the remote for our Sleep Number Bed. 
My side was set on 15. Normally it is set on 35 or 40. 
No wonder. 
I was practically sleeping on the plastic, Lego like box spring. 
I sent Bill a text telling him all about it. 
I thought that the remote pushed against a book or something in the drawer and therefore deflated by accident. 
Bill's response to my text was "oops".

That night at dinner, we were recapping the day and I was telling him how surprising it was that the sleep number setting could accidentally adjust.
 He confessed that he set my sleep number to 15 at least two weeks before and then forgot he pranked me. 
He assumed I would figure it out as soon as I got in bed. 

At that moment, I began to plot my revenge. 
I know the Bible says that "revenge is mine," saith the Lord, 


 I decided that time was on my side and I took my time enacting revenge. 

I planned to turn on his heated seat, all summer! 
So every once in a while this summer, I've been turning on his seat. 
Internally, I'm laughing hysterically that he hasn't figured out that I'm exacting my evil and insidious revenge. 
Each time it took a while before his back side was smoldering. 
He even shouted out, "Why does my seat keep turning on?"

The other night he asked me if I'd adjusted his sleep number as payback.
I informed him that I'd been exacting my revenge but it wasn't by pranking him the way he had pranked me.

He began to try to figure out how I had been getting back at him but he couldn't, of course. 
Ha ha ha!
Well, I tipped my hand last night by turning the seat on twice. 
He figured out I had turned it on. 
He didn't realize until my Facebook post, however, that it was pay back for the Sleep Number incident.
 I'm sad the prank is over and I will be watching and waiting for him to prank me. 

Unfortunately, I didn't turn on his seat the week it was 107 degrees.

 Oh well, there is always next summer. 
Evil laugh! 
Do you love pranks?
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  1. LOL! That was pretty good, Katie! On occasion my husband, and even my son {when he'd be a passenger in my car}, would put the heated seat on for my seat. But I knew they did it as soon as the seat heated up. I'll bet you were relieved though when you realized the number was just off on your bed and not that the bed itself had a problem!

  2. now wish we had heated car seats, but here in Queensland Australia, there'd be no great surprise at a hot car seat! Cute, you guys...Love, Mimi xxx

  3. Ha ha! I love it. This just proves you don't mess with us women! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Tooooo funny Katie. My hubby did the same thing with our sleep number bed. He put it up at 85 and it was hard as a rock so I adjusted it back to my 35 and a couple of days later it was 85 again. It wasn't until I got mad and said I am calling the company to bring us a new bed this is ridiculous that I have reset this bed and it keeps going up so high on it's own. He confessed!!! We have seat warmers in our car so hmmmmmmm revenge!!!!!!

  5. Hysterical! We do stuff like this all the keeps the fun alive, who does like a good, harmless prank! Thanks for the giggle!