Monday, February 22, 2016

The Pottery Barn Pillow

My daughter is writing a book.
One of the characters loves Pottery Barn so Rebekah has been doing some research.

She noticed that our home has a slight resemblance to the popular home decor chain. 
Maybe more than slight because she asked if I was trying to live in a Pottery Barn.

She stopped in for Sunday night dinner and knew I'd been there
I had to pop over to Ft. Worth to get a tire checked and while I was there I took a jaunt over to the store. I've had a $10.00 gift card knocking around in my purse for almost 2 years. 

I knew that it would be difficult to spend only $10.00 which is why I put it off but I found an adorable pillow for spring.
It was $38.00 with the gift card. 
This is way more than I usually spend on a throw pillow but it's just so cute.
I saved by not getting their pillow insert which was $20.00.
I came home and stuffed a standard size pillow into the the new cover.  
It fit perfectly.  

 A duvet that coordinates with this has been on Rebekah's wish list. 
 She actually didn't think I'd like this line because of the black ground but I adore black backgrounds with pops of florals. 
I think she was shocked that we were both on the same wave length.

I tried to mimic the look in the catalogue by propping the letter M on the mantel. 

I got that last year at LaurieAnna's Vintage Home.

I also put some faux spring blubs in my terrarium from IKEA

The little lamb on the coffee table was an eBay find.

My aunt got one like it for my mom. 
I just adored it and searched until I found one for me.

It's such a darling.   

The weather continues to be a little wacky. 
It hasn't been very "winter like" so all the plaid has been put away for another year. 

Work continues at a crazy busy pace so
I've done some leather crafting in my down time to relax.
Now that I know my sewing machine can sew thin leather a whole new world of crafting has opened up.

Hop over and read about my pochette made out of denim and a vintage Louis Vuitton zipper
That is about it for this Monday night.
Thanks so much for stopping by,


  1. I love you Pottery Barn style! It's nice that your eye for design has rubbed off on your daughter, well at least in this particular print. Love your Pochette as well! Cute pic! Blessings and praying things are going well for our family. Cindy xo

  2. LOVE that pillow and it looks so great with the stripe pillows. Now I spy another little cutie with a black background...I'm a total lover of black kitties, they're so sweet!

  3. Katie,
    Could you be the character in your daughter's book that loves Pottery Barn? Just asking... :) What is there not to love about Pottery Barn!? Over the years, I've bought things from PB that I still love many years later. A couple of chandeliers, a file cabinet, and a twin-size trundle bed with curved wood footboard and headboard the same size (my favorite purchase from PB). The bed was only available for about a year; the later versions were not nearly as beautiful. The footboard and headboard were flat pieces of wood between two curved pieces. For everything, I saved and saved to be able to buy them.


  4. Katie, you definitely have the PB look going on! I love your terrarium too. I have one from 15 years ago and still just love it in every season.

    You are so pretty in this picture. :)

  5. Your living room is looking so bright and pretty with your spring touches. Darling pillow and I love the little lamb you found.
    Mary Alice

  6. I love your new pillow Katie! It's got so many great colors in it and looks beautiful on your sofa.

  7. your new pillow really adds to the PB feel of the room. I noticed you have PB's white knitted pillow on the chair to the right too. Love those. I think I could live in Pottery Barn if I were able.

  8. Katie,
    I could so live in Pottery Barn! I love all their stuff even if some people think it's not cool to do so!! Your new pillow is fabulous, love the black. Every thing looks great in your living room. Also, I have the same lamp that's sitting on your console, love it!

  9. PS. cute pic and how exciting that your daughter is writing a book!

  10. Katie,
    Cute, cute you and how wonderful that your daughter is writing a book!
    I love how you decorated your Terrarium-I am going to steal your idea for mine:)


  11. You have lovely rooms! A little change can go a long way. And you made such a nice choice!

  12. Love the botanical print pillow you bought, Katie! I enjoy looking at Pottery Barn catalogs for new ideas, too. A few times a year I get a chance to browse their store, which is a real treat. Right now I have a gift card to Sundance that's burning a hole in my pocket. Your home looks light and bright and ready for spring!