Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Keep In Touch #23

Hi, Welcome to Keep In Touch #23. 
Thanks for linking up your posts. 

I had the best time at the Raz Import Warehouse Sale. It was so much fun. I'll have a haul post soon. 

We had a fun weekend at the lake this past weekend. 

It's so beautiful.

I shared my Thrift Store Fashion Makeover in this post

I also revealed our finished dining room

I've been tweaking my bathroom upstairs with some cobalt blue glass. 
I'm loving it. 

I'm working on a post for you that I'll have up later in the week.

Our feature this week is Missy from This and That. 
She shares a great post about her blue birds. Having blue birds nesting in the neighborhood would be amazing. 

I appreciate all your links and your comments. 
I'm not sure Blogger is going to fix the issues surrounding email and comments but please know that I appreciate the time it takes to leave a comment. 

Now for the link up.


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my post and the Bluebirds..What an honor!! Love your Cobalt blue...Bluebird color ;) Your Jam is making my mouth water..Yum..Cute makeover..Beautiful lake, I'm jealous..

  2. Thanks, Katie. I love your dress and can't wait to see what you got at the sale. Now, I'm off to Missy's to talk birds!..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  3. Hi Katie! I read your post on making jam. I have a quick and easy way of getting the lids to seal, that a friend told me about over 40 years ago, and it always works. I've never had it fail, and it's so easy and doesn't involve putting the jars in water. After you put the hot seal on the hot jar of jam, you screw on the band tightly, turn the jars upside down (I do this on a kitchen towel), leave them for about 5 minutes, and then turn them right side up. They seal, with the little ping sound, and if they don't, just put your finger on the little bump, and they pop down. Easy-peasy!
    Thank you so much for hosting, and I love your cobalt blue accent color!

  4. Already loads of fun links! Thanks for hosting, Katie!

  5. Thank you Katie for your 23rd Keep In Touch - always appreciated.

  6. You've been busy. I especially enjoyed your strawberry jam post -- been there and done that! But it tastes good!!!! Thanks for hosting.

  7. Hi Katie! Thank you for hosting. :) I hope you all have fun today!!! I'll miss being with you! Happy to come and link up with a little craft post on making a Rose Decoration.

    Thanks again,
    Barb :)