Monday, June 24, 2019

Going To An Open To The Public Warehouse Sale

I mentioned a warehouse sale last summer. There is a very large importer near me. I just loved browsing their website in the off chance that I might become a shop keeper one day. 
I really don't think that will ever happen but it is fun to dream. 
I decided to follow their Facebook page and I soon learned about their first open to the public sale. 
It was amazing and they had some darling things that came home with me. It was fun having a new item or two for each season all last year. 
It also kept me out of Hobby Lobby which was a goal since I quit my job two years ago. 
This year's sale was last Friday. Would you like to see my finds? 

$5.00 pillows are too irresistible.

These were cheaper than anything similar off of Etsy or Amazon. 

I have been collecting a few things with oranges on them. They may be a theme early this fall. 
The pillows will be unstuffed and put with the other pillows. 
Storing thematic pillows unstuffed has saved me a lot of room in pillow storage. 

I just had to get the bee hive pillow. It's our theme in the garden room this summer.

The red in the geranium just spoke to me. 

It's already in the little guest room. 

A red barn bird house was $10.00. It wasn't a super deal but good enough to replace one that rotted in the weather. 

I love Raz silk flowers. The potted geranium was $4.00. 

It's got the faux dirt and moss on the pot. 
The strawberry wreath was either $15.00 or $18,00. It's adorable and perfect for my decor right now. 

I wasn't exactly sure what this next piece was but I thought it was unique and adorable. 

There were two of these and on both the faucet was crooked. I'd assumed that is why it hadn't been picked up by someone else. We didn't get there until about 9:45. 
The sale opened at 8:00 and dealers already had pallets full of stuff. 

I unscrewed the faucet and tried several times to straighten it out. A trip out to Bill's washer box fixed the problem. Putting a washer in front of the threads was just what it needed. It was a steal for $7.00. 

I filled it full of faux geraniums. 

There was a darling small wreath at last year's sale. I used it in early fall decor.

This year they had darling little flower pots and picks to go with it. 
The flower pots were $3.00. 

The pick was $4.00. Not a great deal but it went with the other stuff. 

A big wreath was $18.00. This will go on our front door. 

This darling hanging planter is super cute and fun for $16.00. 

Filled with the bright orange and yellow flowers, it will be adorable this fall. 

A metal vase pays homage to my new bike. 

I had to have it for only $5.00.

I'm not sure how much the little Christmas wreath was but it goes with stuff we already have.  

I went to the sale twice. By the time I got there the second time, there were things that had been rejected by other customers at check out and put back out onto the floor. 
There were also new things out.
 I snagged the market cart wall hanging as soon as it was being put back out.  
It was $15.00. 

I need to look on Amazon for some greens that look more like summer vegetables. 
It's my favorite find of the sale. 
What do you think? What is your favorite thing? 
I'm not sure where it will all go yet and I've been playing around with it for the last few days. 
If I had a shop, this is the type of thing I'd put in it! 
Cute, whimsical and fun. 
Have a wonderful Monday! 


  1. looks like a fun sale. Love the Geranium pillow and the sunflower wreath!

  2. My word did you get fantastic pieces. Every pillow, amazing. The flower cart and green planter I love💚. I am looking forward to seeing all these pretties posted in your home.


  3. You got some really cute pieces. The flower cart and the bucket with spout is adorable. Love that sweet honey pillow too. Score for your girl!!!! Have a great week.

  4. Wow! What a sale. You have some darling pieces at great prices.

  5. What a fun sale! My favorite is the bee hive pillow. I'm a pillow nut! Like you, I like to take out the filler to store them, so I try to buy only pillow covers with zippers. Still I have a lot of fillers, so I use the space bags that suck out all the air. I need to seriously curb my pillow habit, though it looks like I'm in good company. At those prices, I'd would have taken all those pillows home too.

  6. I would have lost my mind. My fave is the lemon pillow. No, the orange one. No, the geraniums. Oh, I love them all -- and that little urn. This is just fabulous!

  7. Well, you are three for three at TFT! I just had to feature you again this week! I couldn't decide between the posts you shared this week, they were all beautiful, but the fabulous pillows stole my heart!
    Thanks for sharing!