Thursday, June 20, 2019

Pinterest Harms Small Bloggers

This isn't click bait.
When I joined Pinterest, it was one of the spring boards for my entrance into blogging.
I thought if these people can blog so can I. 

I loved seeing who was pinning my images and how many times they were re-pinned.
It wasn't a lot but it was satisfying. 
My stock tank pool post had success for about 3 years because of Pinterest. 

I've gotten a lot of traffic from it in summer's past. 
Two or three summers ago, I noticed that my image being pinned from other sites.
I went and investigated and there was no link back to me. 
I contacted two of them and told them to remove my image. 
I never heard back from them and I doubt they removed my image. One of them was Country in Canada. 

They had chopped off my blog name - of course. 
A few weeks ago, just out of curiosity, I searched "Stock Tank Pools" on Pinterest and I was tickled to see my image at the top. Tickled, until I saw that my image was linked to another site. 
My image was in quite a few different places, actually.  
My use of the Solag Mosquito Net from IKEA was quite smart apparently. I thought so too. 

This morning a search for shade gardens was on my mind. 
Several articles are featured at the top of the page.

15+Awesome Shade Garden Ideas
Top 10 Shade Garden Ideas For The Backyard
24 Spectacular Shade Loving Perennials
Stunning Shade Gardens

Let's do Garden Paths.
42 Amazing DIY Garden Path And Walkway Ideas
37 Brilliant and Wonderful Garden Paths and Walkways for Amazing Garden
You get the idea. Can one absorb 42 or 37 ideas? I saw 75 in one title. Who can take in 75 ideas in one sitting?
Let's try to out do each other.

These types of articles aren't written by someone generating their own content.
They are probably in a WeWork type office somewhere and are operating many "blogger" websites for ad revenue.
They are doing what I am doing this morning but they are typing in a search and then helping themselves to photos that are not their own.
It doesn't take much to lift photos from the Internet, compile them and writing an article.
It doesn't take much integrity either.

Some of them have links backs or attributes but some do not. I bet, most do not.
Years ago, I read an article that stated that a blogger could be sued for using a photo without permission. I immediately went through my blog and removed all the photos that weren't mine except for those that were Bill's or my sister's photos.
It also stated that the blogger could be sued even if the source was sited.
This was several years ago so I can't remember the name of the blog.
I'm a worry wart so I was fanatical about removing photos that weren't mine.

If your content is stolen, what are the options for the hobby blogger?
You can email and demand that they take your photo off of their site but I doubt anything will happen. Someone suggested that I sue but I'm not paying a lawyer to take up my case. This hobby blog already costs me.

I encourage you, my dear readers to avoid list type of blog posts.
 If you do those types of posts, use your photos. It's more work, I know.
If you do a list type of inspiration blog post, seek permission before using someone's photos.

I don't know about you, but I never click on those types of pins.
(I did for the purpose of this article, however.)
I am certainly not re-pinning them.

I click and save the pins that link to a blog post.

Finally, the prices of magazines are nearing extortion. Instead of buying a magazine, I go to Pinterest for inspiration.  I suspect that the magazine publishers know this and they are trying to get in on Pinterest's popularity. They are paying for top billing on the site which pushes the rest of us down the page if we make it there at all.

Even our followers don't necessarily see our pins unless they interact with our pins.
So, I don't rely on Pinterest for much traffic these days.

Three years ago, I really began to take blogging a little more seriously. I monetized with a couple of AdSense Ads and I actively promoted Let's Add Sprinkles. My pageviews tripled. Sadly, my pageviews are down to where they were before all of that work.
One of the causes is the end of so many link parties (which I've written about before.)
Part of it is the proliferation of these list type fake blogs.
I feel and Bill said the same, that it's time for a new networking site.
So many of the big social media sites are censoring any voices that they don't agree with.
I'm not okay with that.
They aren't policing the users that violate the rules which affects the little guys.
My sister told me that her custom jeweler won't put pictures of her designs on her website because the images get stolen.
Please let me know your thoughts below. How is it going over at your blog?

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  1. I totally agree with you Katie. I used to get literally thousands of views on my blog each month from Pinterest. I still get alot but about one quarter as I used to. Almost every site link takes you to fake made up garbage that has something else attached to it, spam or some kind of site like you mentioned. My pics are all around with no link back to me whatsoever. Pinterest like every other platform is disintegrating and turning into a money making machine for the unethical sites. Once Google+ folded on us Blogger people the traffic went way down. They no longer care (did they ever?) I just keep moving along. I wish we could come up with some new ideas to help our own selves out. I really miss the Link Party format. I feel cutoff from other bloggers. There's no way to respond to comments, except on the comment form and I don't go back to recheck each comment so that's not helpful. Also, none of the Wordpress blogs have "bloglists" that invite people to find new blogs. That's one good thing about Blogger. I'm open to ideas.

    1. Debra, thanks for the info about Wordpress not having blog lists. That helps me make a decision on a new site (or is it platform?) to host my blog in the future.

  2. So agree with you about Pinterest. I used to spend a lot of time browsing and finding new blogs to visit from there, but now I rarely go to Pinterest as it just seems too commercialized. I like to visit the blogs on blog lists from other blogs I follow and like. I don't make money from my blog, I'm just doing it for the fun and contact with other like minded bloggers. I've made so many good friends that I often "talk" to via email and still love the interaction of blogging. I truly wish Blogger and Blogspot would go back to the way they were, but am now planning to recreate my blog on a better platform once I close on the house we're selling and get resettled.

  3. Hi, I don't have a blog but this post just answered some questions for me! Like why when I try to go to a blog from a photo I just can't get to one. Not being particularly internet savvy I had no idea. I usually just move on or go Google the particular thing I was interested in. Sometimes I can find it. Sometimes not. I suppose this is why so many people watermark their photos now. I really hate that BB "Big Business" is ruining my favorite form of entertainment! But thanks for all you do! I hope you continue!

  4. Great post.

  5. I have a Pinterest page but I never use the site proper and barely use my page, only to save a recipe, maybe. It is just too cluttered and it confuses my brain before I start! (And I live in clutter!). So, I don't know if my stuff has ever shown up on Pinterest or not and as you said, there is little one can do about it. I'm not sure what you mean by list-blog. Is that something like "Ten Great Ideas for Father's Day" and then links to other sites? Usually Amazon? I hate those two with a couple of exceptions because when they aren't listing the writing is fun and I like the blogger's style. Let me know if it's something different. I participate in a few link parties -- I've made new "friends" through them (including yours) and like visiting and that's always fun. Realistically, there are only so many I can participate in and actually have time to visit at least a couple of people, but I do try. I had blogs with intrusive ads. I'm working on a post called "Don't sell me, tell me!" It's a good discussion and I've enjoyed reading the comments here.

  6. I feel horrible for you and that people fo this stuff. People have no conscience today in my opinion. My blog is on Wordpress. I recently took my blog list off because I am basically starting to get back in the game.

    I was MIA due to MS but now back. Blogging has changed so much. I personally find it sad

    I use Instagram but not constantly. For me blogging is about more than pictures.

    It's a shame that most of t h.g.h e parties are gone because of social media.

    I'm doing what I can to make it back. I love painting furniture, decorating and other things and love to share it.

    I would NEVER still another blogs information.


  7. I just blog. I don't care a hoot if I gather new followers. I started it to keep in touch with friends and someone convinced me to share my blog publicly, so I hit that button. Since that time I have had many magazine offers. I do not understand why a photographer gets paid, why an editor gets paid and the stores that sell the magazine make money yet they don't pay the person who is providing content for their magazine. When I started to post about God and shared my conservative political views on some posts it put a dead stop to Cottage and Bungalow and other rag mags contacting me. Which is perfect for me. I have no ego and don't seek likes or validation on my decor style. Yes, they will try to shut down conservative voices as they see fit. I won't bow to them.. And while everyone has the option to make money from their blogs I most often have to move on to those blogs who don't have annoying pop ups all over their pages. Many blessings.

  8. I’m sorry that your images were taken without your permission, Katie. I guess I just blog for my own enjoyment. I have never had interest in making money from blogging. I do look at Pinterest, and get consumed by so many ideas. I don’t really go to many of the bigger blogs that I used to go to.

  9. Just now found your blog and am enjoying catching up on some of your posts. I don't know enough about the Pinterest/blogging connection to make a comment, but I am sorry your photos were stolen. I have a blog but don't use it to make money. I have to admit I have used pictures I've found around the web and for awhile (in my ignorance) I didn't realize I needed to provide the source. Now, however, I do try my best to give credit where credit is due.