Friday, June 12, 2020

The June Garden

The heat is here. 
Texas gardening is always a challenge. 
I get so excited about spring planting but I'm always in denial about what the summer will bring. 

Remember the "Victory Garden"? 
Here it is at the end of March.

Here it is now.

The roses are on their third flush of blooms.

The first of the cosmos is blooming.
The zinnias will start any day.
Some in the front were being crushed by a gourd vine. it filled things up with pretty leaves until everything else started to bloom. Good tip for quick results.

The whiskey barrel looks amazing. The sweet potato vine is spilling. The gomphrena looks great and the mandevilla is amazing. I have already harvested some seeds from the salvia.

I did impatiens in the front beds instead of begonias.
My begonias looked terrible last year. Hopefully, these work better.
I divided a lot of the yellow iris that bloomed this spring. It's the wrong time of year but I don't really care about that.
We removed two huge pittosporum and put them in the back. One survived the other didn't.
Guess which one I dug up?
The oak leaf hydrangea is done. The remaining blooms have turned brown. I tried clipping them, but I think I did it too early and they have turned brown too instead of a deep mauve.
I was able to get a root plant and I've put that in the back. So far it's alive.

The side yard needed a lot of cleaning out. Asian jasmine was removed (it's already growing back) and liriope was divided.
I moved some more roses over here, bought another rose, and a hydrangea.
The rose is doing great. The hydrangea doesn't love the heat but I'm determined to get out and give it a drink in the afternoon.

Now we enter the back yard to see my favorite vignette.

This is the old gate for our dog run. It didn't work. That border collie could get out no matter what we did but the gate has aged and looks so charming to me.
The fountain is to the right.
I adore the sound of water.

To the left, I have some garden relics from Bill's family. His mom's fountain froze one winter and cracked. I thought the pieces were too beautiful to throw away.
I used to try begonias spilling out but the other day I put this little succulent of some kind. Bill call's it mouse's ear. If you know what this is called let me know. It has doubled in size in two weeks.

It's so charming.

One lone end of bench was in Bill's aunts back yard. I rescued it too.

Bordeaux supertunias and creeping Jenny look so pretty in a hanging basket on the corner.

Our grass looks better than it has in years!

Sorry. I don't move hoses for you anymore. You are probably not shocked by that.
It's too hot too drag hoses around.

Baker's Rack 
Shed update coming.

White flowers by the pool have a moon garden effect.

The "room" with the garden statue is also another favorite. It's another relic from his aunt's house.

I just planted up my grandmother's caldron.
The hosta will have the same reflective quality in the evening.

That is about it.
Here's one more relic.

I planted up part of the bowl to my MIL broken fountain. The liriope will fill in easily, even with the heat.

One look at the pool.

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you enjoyed this garden tour.
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  1. Everything looks great. I love the old relics. I collect things like that too. I love things that have a history to them. The little succulent could be a wandering jew? Does it have a white flower? I love hydrangeas and it took almost thirty years for them to grow in my yard. They really require shade and we didn't have enough. Now they do great. In the heat of the afternoon they will wilt, but bounce back with water. They are so pretty.

  2. Hello. beautiful yard. I too love old broken bits and bobs. Unfortunately, I collect too many. I have thought of the galvanized tub and was wondering if you actually take a dip in yours?

  3. Oh Katie, it has come along so well. I really love that you rescued Bill's aunt's garden bench. It looks just terrific!

  4. Hi Katie,

    Love your June garden. Great idea with the cracked piece to keep tge memory with plants!

    I don't blame you for not moving hoses. I didn't notice until you mentioned it, too busy enjoying the garden.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  5. Very pretty. You have many of the same plants that we do here in New England.