Sunday, January 2, 2022

The Top Projects Of 2021

Hi, Friends,
Happy New Year! 
How are you? I hope you had a lovely holiday.
What a year! 
It has just flown by. 
We accomplished a lot in 2021. 
Here are my favorite projects of last year. 

The new garden room flooring made a huge difference in how that room feels. 

It feels so cozy and clean. 

The freshly painted green shed is just so cute. I love this color. 

It's also on the cabin in East Texas. 

We hope to complete the interior of the cabin this spring. 

Our room got a refresh with new paint on the walls and ceiling. I also painted our bed. 
It is light and bright now. 

The kitchen in East Texas got quite the makeover. 

Technically, the cabinets were painted in the last days of 2020. The rest was done this year. 

I adore the sink and counters. This isn't our everyday house but I almost like these more than the granite that we have at home. 
I'll have to recap it all once the brick backsplash is faux finished to my liking. 

Moving the green house made it such a cute garden feature. 
It dipped down into the teens last night so we will see if it functions a little better in its new spot. 
All my must save plants are in the house so no worries there.  

Bill did an amazing restoration of an antique dry sink.  It is flawless. It's been such fun to style. 

He in addition to the exterminator, he successfully battled the scorpions. 

That was a nightmare. 
My East Texas garden was full of highs and lows but it adds curb appeal to our property. 

I love my quirky deer blind turned tool shed. It was so much fun to transform and it is super functional. 

Caroline was a huge blessing this year. We have never had an inside cat. She bring us so much joy. 

We worked hard last year and we are looking forward to what 2022 will bring. 
I'll have a post about some things to come. 
That sounds like goals. Odd, I'm not really a goal setter. 
Shhh. Don't tell Bill. 
Thank you for all your support this year. It means the world to me. 


  1. I love seeing all your projects and updates from this last year. Your bed is gorgeous, LOVE the counter tops at the country house, but sweet little Caroline steals the show. You all have accomplished so much, I know you must be enjoying your time out there. Hope you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year, sweet friend!

  2. You've done so many fun home projects -- though they might not all have been "fun" at the time. Love Caroline, too. Happy New Year, Katie!

  3. Happy New Year to y'all from a Texas "neighbor" (NE of Dallas). Love seeing all your fantastic projects ~ and know that we all appreciate the time and effort you put into bringing us this weekly "party"